Ari Meilich, Co-Founder of Popular RPG Big Time, Shares More About The Game

It can be hard to pave your way in a competitive industry. One industry that’s quite competitive is the video game world. There are hundreds of thousands of video game developers throughout the United States, and the job market is only growing. This is a promising trend for aspiring game developers, who can look up to success stories like Ari Meilich for inspiration.

Ari Meilich is the co-founder of action-adventure game Big Time, which takes players on a journey through space and time. This game has been making a splash in the gaming world, with thousands of people following their Twitter account to stay updated on developments in the game. Fans are also empowered with tips and tricks that the game developers share regularly. Ari himself also shares updates, lets his followers know when early access events occur, and encourages people to stay abreast of what’s new with Big Time.

In addition to Big Time, Ari is the co-founder of Decentraland. Decentraland is the “first decentralized metaverse that is built, governed, and owned by its users,” according to their Twitter account. Users can discover various districts in the metaverse, meet new people, enjoy events, and more. This encourages a community of like-minded people who want to enjoy the endless possibilities that the metaverse has to offer.

One of the common themes of Ari’s projects is the sense of collaboration and creating relationships with others. While some may see video games as solo activities, multiplayer games like Big Time and community spaces in Decentraland prove otherwise. This is just the beginning of exciting opportunities the metaverse can offer.

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