As we already know, demand for Delta 8 is ever growing as it becomes increasingly popular all over the U.S. Many who do consume Delta 8 are quite pleased with the effects and what it does for them. Of course, as it is extracted from the cannabis plant and has some compounds of THC, it does give you that feeling of a high. Though Delta 8 is not as potent as Delta 9, it does have some degree of effect on anyone who consumes it. Mostly these effects are positive. Some people report feeling happy, elated, relaxed and a reduction in chronic pain. But just like everything else, all good things come with a catch.

With Delta 8 being so new to the scene, consumers are still a bit hesitant on what to expect be it short term or long term. Though their short-term queries are immediately answered once they consume any Delta 8 products, it is the side effects that will follow a couple years down the line that most people are worried about. It makes sense though, people want to know the consequences they’re likely to face later on or even soon after.

The side-effects you should consider before start consuming Delta 8 THC:

Dry mouth:

Cotton mouth or dry mouth is one of the most common side effects of smoking the cannabis flower, be it Delta 8 or Delta 9. As long as the Delta-8 compound is present and active in your body, it is likely that you will feel parched. To avoid this, many people consume lots of water when consuming Delta 8. However, a common misconception is that it happens because you’re dehydrated, that’s not true. It happens because of the effect CBD has on your salivary glands.

Dry Eyes:

For those of you who wear lenses, this might not be a surprise. Imagine having left your eyes open for a whole minute – yes, that’s how it feels. You constantly feel the need to rub your eyes and somehow add moisture back to it. But similar to dry mouth, this also happens for as long as the CBD is active in your body. Once the effect fades away, so will this feeling of dry eyes.


Some people often also complain about feeling tired or having the urge to take a nap. This feeling of tiredness is frequently followed by feeling “slow” mentally, fatigue, inability to focus and even wooziness. Once the effects of the CBD wear off, this feeling will go away too.


Though Delta 8 is specifically designed in a way that takes away the paranoia and anxiety when you consume it, if you consume too much of it, you may feel on edge. Even while it is claimed that Delta 8 contains none of the psychoactive effects of Delta 9, consuming something in very large amounts may cause anxiety. When Delta 8 was made legal, standard dosage was also provided accordingly. However, if someone decides to go overboard, it is likely the will experience certain effects. Also, since everyone’s body varies, the effects of Delta 8 may have different effects on different people. This is one of the reasons it is advised to take CBD in small amounts. It anyway takes a while to kick in so be patient and don’t overdo it in one go.

Mind High:

Since Delta 8 does contain some psychoactive compounds, though not as potent as THC, some people complain of getting a “mind high”. This means that any person who experiences this usually gets too focused on all their thoughts and may start over thinking. On the flip side, they may start zoning out a little more than usual and may find it difficult to concentrate.

Inability to focus on work:

This can become quite problematic. But it depends on when you’re consuming Delta 8. It would be wise to do this in your free time and not when you’re drowning in work. Since the known effects of Delta 8 are to relax you and give you a “high”, it is common sense that consuming it during work hours may interfere with your productivity. Delta 8 might impair your cognitive and physical ability and you might find it tough to get your concentration back on track.

Drug Test:

Though it is legal in most states throughout the U.S, Delta 8 still does show up on your drug test. So, if you’ve recently joined a new job that requires you to take a drug test, maybe lay off the CBD for a little while till you’ve cleared the test. For those wondering, this happens because it triggers the same metabolite as THC found in weed. Drug tests are known for targeting all traces of THC and CBD, so be careful and do some research before you end up regretting it. If you’ve been prescribed CBD by your doctor, make sure to inform your employer before you take the drug test.

Since Delta 8 is new, there hasn’t been enough research to clarify the side effects it may have on you a couple years down the line. The effects we’ve stated are mostly short term and would be experienced by the consumer within a few hours of taking CBD. Just be careful of your dosage and follow the instructions you were provided when you consume. You need to be patient and try not to worry too much of you experience any of the side effects stated above. They last only as long as your high does and will fade away with it.

Just sit back, relax and let the CBD do its work!

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