Are “CBD Spliffs” Synonymous With Hemp Prerolls — A Quick Lesson On CBD Joints vs. Spliffs

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Smoking joints remains the most iconic way to consume weed, and it’s also quite trendy in the CBD space. There are dozens of reputable hemp brands that now make legal “CBD prerolls” that look and smell like marijuana joints. While these CBD joints have the terpenes you’d expect in classic cannabis strains, they have ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC.

While most CBD prerolls fit into the “joint” category, customers may run across a few shops offering “CBD spliffs.” At first glance, you probably wouldn’t notice a difference between a CBD joint preroll and a CBD spliff. However, hemp customers must know there’s a massive difference between these smokable items.

What’s The Big Difference Between CBD Joints vs. CBD Spliffs?

Were it not for the inclusion of tobacco, there’d be no need to separate CBD joints from CBD spliffs. The former should only contain pre-ground hemp flowers, while the latter adds ground tobacco with hemp. Other than that, both joints and spliffs are identical.

Interestingly, spliffs tend to be more common in the European cannabis market versus North America. Most CBD prerolls in Canada and the USA only contain hemp flowers, but consumers should never make assumptions before buying a product.

Spliffs are gaining attention in some territories, especially states and provinces with relaxed marijuana laws. As spliffs become widely available, customers must consult third-party lab results before purchasing a CBD brand’s hemp prerolls.

Wait, Why Would People Want To Smoke Tobacco With Cannabis?

To many American readers, mixing cannabis or CBD hemp with tobacco may seem odd. After all, don’t former smokers use CBD to overcome nicotine addiction?

While some studies suggest CBD oil has the potential to reduce nicotine cravings, that hasn’t stopped some smokers from fusing this addictive compound with cannabinoids. Remember that most people who smoke “spliffs” aren’t mixing CBD with their tobacco. Most spliffs you’ll find in the cannabis industry use a fusion of tobacco and high-THC cannabis.

Some spliff consumers claim the nicotine provides extra “stimulation” to their smoke, which helps them remain focused even when the “THC high” sets in. Also, since there are less cannabinoids in a spliff versus a joint, customers often use them during the day rather than before bed.

Please note: There’s no scientific evidence on the efficacy of mixing cannabinoids with tobacco. Most of the reports on the supposed effects of spliffs are purely anecdotal.

How Can You Know Your CBD Preroll Isn’t A Spliff?

CBD prerolls have become a wildly successful product line in the North American hemp industry. Although most of today’s CBD prerolls are “joints,” please never assume a CBD brand won’t put secondary ingredients in their products. CBD spliffs may be rare, but they are becoming fashionable in some dispensaries. As CBD companies continue to experiment with new product categories, it’s unlikely some won’t start offering hemp spliffs.

You must rely on third-party lab test results if you don’t want nicotine in your CBD prerolls. Real Tested CBD always focuses on high-quality lab tests to evaluate CBD brands’ products. For more info on how we rank CBD prerolls, visit us at

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