Arash Barmaan on Revolutionizing Online Dating for Persian Jews Boos, The First App of Its Kind

Arash Barmaan, a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and sports enthusiast, has finally filled a huge gap in the online dating market. Arash has launched Boos, a groundbreaking dating app that shows you Jewish Persian profiles of men and women who are serious about forming a long-term relationship that can lead to marriage.

Online is the New Normal

The pandemic is bringing about the new normal of online dating. As people maintain social distance while looking for love, virtual dating has become the only viable option. It’s amazing how apps like Boos have helped communities like the Persian Jews to find their soulmates. The app can be used by anyone regardless of whether they are a Jew or a Persian. Persian Jews around the world have really applauded Arash’s initiative, since it has never been done before.

Fostering Mutual Understanding

If you expect things to be your way or else, you will find it difficult to reach a compromise with your partner. Boos is all about mutual respect and understanding. It’s okay to be strongly convinced about something, but your partner deserves to be heard too. Respect their viewpoints.

How It Was Before

Even though Boos has paved the way for many, it wasn’t always so easy. Many Persian Jews converted and left their religion and community in order to spend the remainder of their life with their family and loved ones. With Boos, they can now not only date people who have similar backgrounds, but also live a happier and fulfilling life as a couple. As such, Boos becomes an even more effective way to meet a partner within the religious and social parameters of Persian Jews.

The Boos Algorithm

According to your preferences and what you expect from your Jewish Persian partner, you are free to choose your match on Boos. You might be starting a new relationship if your match is perfect! You can surf through many different Persian Jewish profiles on Boos based on your preferences. When you use Boos, the algorithm narrows down the list of potential matches based on factors like age, location, height, gender, and ethnicity.

Multiple Matches

The advantages of online dating with Boos include having access to a large variety of potential partners. You can also find more potential mates by using online dating as you will simply get more matches compared to the old-fashioned method where you have to spend considerable time on a single person. People living in remote rural areas often don’t have easy access to potential partners, so online dating can be especially beneficial to those people, especially in the Persian Jewish community. In these cases, dating apps like Boos can be quite helpful since they enable those people to connect with potential mates who may live hundreds of miles away and want to connect with a partner from their community.

Poly, Before Boos

There’s no doubt that Arash is capable of coming up with a concept this innovative. Poly was also founded by him a few years back. This app facilitated dating and marriage for polygamists – people who want to live with more than one spouse at the same time.

Perfect Matches Around You

When you are looking for a partner from the Persian Jewish community, the Boos app can help you find them in the desired location. Boos lets you find your ideal match near your preferred location while allowing you to access your profile from your smartphone. The only thing someone seeking love needs is internet access and an account on Boos to find the right match for them despite their ethnic, social, or economic background. Boos does not necessarily require that you are Jewish Persian. It may even help you to become more familiar with a different culture.

About the Founder, Arash Barmaan

Arash dreamed of being a basketball player as a child. In fact, he had never considered another career path because he was so passionate about basketball. Due to his parents’ ethnicity, he was raised to conform to the stereotypical image of a doctor, lawyer, or engineer. Even when they advised him otherwise, Arash followed his heart and pursued his dreams.

High School Basketball

After getting cut from his high school varsity basketball team due to racism and political profiling, he had to put in more work in order to make it to the Santa Monica College men’s basketball team. After tryouts, roster spots were hard to come by. The majority of spots went to recruits and returning players. Arash still had a chance of success in the future. In order to increase his chances of success, he decided to play overseas before transitioning into the NBA.

Changing Directions

Considering his genetics and background, he faced enormous challenges. Despite his ambition to become a professional basketball player, he noticed that he wouldn’t be as successful as the big-named players and that he will be exhausted and damaged when he retires. He chose not to pursue a career in basketball, knowing that he would be faced with a myriad of challenges, rather he decided to pursue his long standing dream to develop his own app and become the founder and CEO of his own company. Hence, Poly and Boos were founded. One day, Arash plans to become an NBA athletic trainer so he will be close to what was once his sole passion. As Arash continues to manage his business, he will transfer to the University of Miami for the completion of his sports administration degree.

A Healthy Interaction

Boos allows you to interact with your match before setting in for a long term relationship or even marriage. When you expect 100% success in a relationship, you will be disappointed. Compromise is the foundation for any healthy relationship. There is, however, some work on each person’s part to ensure that there is a fair exchange. Recognize your partner’s priorities. Getting to know what is truly important to your partner can go a long way towards cultivating goodwill and compromise. However, it’s also important that your partner understands your wants and that you express them clearly. Giving without considering your own needs will only lead to anger and resentment. Hence, on Boos, you can always communicate your likes and dislikes freely to your partner.

The Comfort

Another benefit of online dating with Boos is that you don’t have to get dressed up. Since you will most likely use your phone or computer to write messages, you won’t have to attend the first meeting in person, and you’ll be able to communicate only via electronic means. Additionally, you will not have to spend time improving your appearance since your potential partner will not see how you look, until after your first online meet and greet, of course.

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