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Testosterone supplements tend to get a bad reputation, and in most cases, it’s a misunderstanding of what they actually do.

Products like Aphro-D have set themselves apart in the fitness industry by using only natural ingredients that aim to make the body produce higher testosterone levels naturally. 

But the supplement industry is full of empty promises, so we took a closer look at how Aphro-D works, what it contains, and if it might actually work for improved muscle mass.

Here’s what we found. 

What Is Aphro-D? 

Aphro-D is a dietary supplement that claims to use natural ingredients to boost testosterone production in the body. 

The aim of the supplement is to provide men with the health benefits of maintaining higher testosterone levels that naturally decrease with age

Dr. Farhan Khawaja is the man behind the unique formula, and it gains its uniqueness from some more exotic but scientifically proven ingredients. 

These include Tongkat Ali and He Shou Wu, which have been used in traditional Asian medicine for centuries. 

Some of the benefits men have reported from this T booster are lower cortisol levels, increased libido, immune boosts, and positive effects on fitness levels and muscle gains. 

Let’s see how it does this. 

How Does Aphro-D Work On Testosterone Levels? 

Aphro-D works by combining just a few proven and high-quality ingredients into a simple formula. 

It comes in a powder form similar to other types of protein and sports supplements, and you mix it with water for a quick and easy drink. 

Because you take it in liquid form, it’s much easier for your digestive system to absorb, meaning that the ingredients get to work fast. 

All the ingredients work together to boost your natural testosterone release and reduce a type of protein that binds to testosterone, which ultimately leads to higher free testosterone levels.

The effects should be noticeable and measurable after four weeks, with men reporting better sexual performance and a positive impact on stress. 

And many athletes have reported that the T booster might be helping them to break through plateaus in muscle development. 

Aphro-D Ingredients

Unlike many other T boosters, Aphro-D has aimed to include the most potent and clinically proven natural herbs and spices to develop a higher quality and more effective product at the best price. 

Those are big claims to make, so we looked into each of the ingredients to see if they were backed by scientific studies. 

1. Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is a flowering plant that is relatively common in Asia. It’s often used in Asian medicine, and research has shown that it does help to increase testosterone levels in human trials. 

The plant grows into quite a tall shrub of up to 30 feet, and this product uses a purification process that claims to help preserve the active compounds for higher effectiveness. 

The benefits it brings to users are higher levels of physical and mental energy, improved confidence, as well as strength and endurance. 

2. Pearl Powder

Pearl powder was a surprising ingredient, and I was skeptical that it would have any effective use in testosterone treatment. 

But I kept an open mind and found some research that has linked it to improved blood circulation.

There is also some evidence that it may help with overall hormone levels, which may contribute to a better level of calmness and mental health. 

3. Schisandra Berry

Schisandra berry is something I have noticed in health food stores more commonly these days. It’s another ingredient that can help with stress levels, as the berries may improve your cortisol cycle for an overall improved mood and mental stamina. 

It may also improve blood circulation, although there still needs to be more fact-checked studies in this regard. In traditional medicine, it’s the improved blood flow to a certain area in men that is why it’s believed to improve men’s sexual activity. 

4. He Shou Wu

This was also a completely new ingredient that I’d never heard of before. My dietitian did point out that it’s becoming more widely used in supplement products as an immunity booster, but it may also work for faster nutrient absorption. 

Essentially, when you take it before eating, your body will be in a position to digest and distribute the ingredients faster. 

Aphro-D Pros And Cons

Overall, we noticed most online reviews highlighted the positive effect on mental and physical energy. And that translates into better performance at the gym and between the sheets. 

We couldn’t find any negative comments about side effects, which should be down to ingredients that are classified as generally safe. 

Keep in mind that it’s essential to take this every day for at least four weeks to notice the results; it’s not a magic pill. 


  • Many positive comments about improved mood and reduced stress
  • Contains only natural ingredients with no side effects
  • Users found it may work well for improved libido
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee for a risk-free trial


  • You will need to take it for at least four weeks before noticing the results. 


When should you take Aphro-D?

You should take Aphro-D first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. The reason is that it speeds up the absorption so that you get the maximum effect in one go. The effects will build up over several weeks allowing for more free testosterone.

Is Aphro-D legit?

Yes, Aphro-D is a legit T booster. It has been scientifically formulated to improve men’s natural ability to produce more testosterone. This may have an overall positive effect on mood, energy, immunity, fitness, and libido. 

Have You Ordered Your T Booster Yet?

Based on our experience and the many reviews we read online, we have to say that this may be one of the more optimized products available. 

Many men have reported measured improvements from blood testosterone testing, and some of our clients have noticed improvements in exercises.

There are not many products with only high-quality and natural ingredients, so try this one out knowing that there’s a money-back guarantee


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