Ape Gorilla NFT Project Brings Philanthropy to the NFT World

Silvan Frank AGC

To say that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have taken the world by storm is not an overstatement. NFTs are one of the latest trends when it comes to digital assets, which have boomed during this internet era. But who makes the magic happen? The answer is simple: the creators. And while there are many NFT creators out there, not many of them match the Ape Gorilla Club (AGC) NFT project.

So, who are the brains behind the AGC NFT project? The AGC NFT was founded by a family of ambitious entrepreneurs, investors, and developers, like Silvan, Frank, and David Schwarz, joined by cohort Willie Watson (AKA Will2k with deeply-rooted moral values. In their own words, the terms Ape and Gorilla represent strength, culture, unity, and a commitment to the same– rather than a mere animal description. The amazing AGC team is composed of names like Silvan Schwarz and Frank Schwarz.

Silvan is one of the most passionate IT experts. He has been in the industry for more than 13 years, learning and practicing at the same time. His passion lies in technology, blockchain, consulting, and helping others. Currently, Silvan designs Smart Contract/Web3-powered platforms and products.

Frank Schwarz is an entrepreneur who has been running businesses for more than three decades. He is also a tech whizz in possession of everything anyone would want to find in a web designer and software programmer. Frank also joined the NFT and crypto worlds recently, a testament to the fact that he is passionate about trying new things.

With the desire to create opportunities for the community taking center stage, the AGC has many ways of actualizing that desire. For instance, they offer up to $100,000 in business/charity grants as a catalyst for positive change in the community. There is also the so-called Gorilla Fund, a decentralized crypto-utilizing platform that allows the Ape Gorilla community and the public to pump their investments into businesses and individuals. All they want is to allow people with true drive to be supported in their course.

Additionally, the AGC NFT project has a financial-relief program known as We Got You, which aims to help at least 50 NFT holders out of financial crises by giving out $10,000. What’s more, there are Web 3.0 and Blockchain tech complementary academic courses offered by the Ape Gorilla Club to their members. Once enrolled in these courses, members are entitled to a wide range of benefits, including access to business assistance software, marketing gamification, networking opportunities, high-profile event invitations, and marketing-related consultation services.

Recently, the Ape Gorilla Club partnered with Cabarete Condos, a relationship that proved to be fantastic. Courtesy of this partnership, NFT holders are entitled to two free nights at a Cabarete Condos beachfront resort in the Dominican Republic. Those who wish to extend their stay can enjoy a 20% discount per night. Of course, nothing soothes the mind like hearing the ocean waves; one’s body and soul can relax like never before. But there is another partnership that undoubtedly stands out the most: the partnership with the Kingdom of Bhutan. In this deal, the club’s founders serve the Bhutanese citizens as “Guardians of Peace” by acting as the Kingdom’s “Happy Gorilla” Community-Based-Organization Ambassadors. This aims to enhance the Kingdom’s happiness index by funding youth education, agriculture, development, and networking.

AGC has launched Gorilla Build, a software service that will give members the resources needed to create websites, marketing campaigns, sales funnels, custom-coded capabilities, landing pages, and CRM. There is also a service, dubbed the Gorilla Merch, in the pipe. This will enable all the Ape Gorilla NFT holders to access a customizable Ape Gorilla Club Merch. Moreover, the club is developing several video games, including combat, 3D runner, and MMORPG games that will keep members engaged.

Those who want to know what’s happening in the Ape Gorilla Club could join their official Discord server and follow them on Twitter and Instagram. They can also visit their official website, apegorilla.com, to get their own Ape Gorilla NFT. There are 11,337 tickets up for grabs for people who want to join the AGC family, with the official launch just around the corner.

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