There is some scary stuff happening in the world today. From pandemics to panic, it seems life as we know it is changing for the time being. Anxiety is a predominant emotion many of us are feeling these days; anxiety over our health, our loved ones, our finances and the state of the world. While we cannot cure anxiety in its totality, we can help ourselves breathe easier during stressful situations. When it comes to managing anxiety with CBD, we prefer Tune Wellness Calm Full Spectrum Hemp Oil.

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To help quell the nervousness that accompanies these uncertain times, you should know that we all enter the world with a certain degree of immunity, both innate and passive. As we live our lives, a more novel adaptive immunity develops from our exposure to things like natural disease and viruses in the world around us.

A special group of organs, cells and chemicals comprise the immune system. Collectively they work in expert fashion, defending against viruses old and new. Though highly sophisticated, you may be surprised to learn that the immune system cannot function alone. The cells within the immune system work in tandem with the endocannabinoid system or ECS. It is a master regulator and its receptors, endocannabinoid (cannabinoid) receptors, are the most abundant receptor type in the human body. The ECS oversees the activities of every system, carefully balancing one in support of another.

The immune system relies heavily on the health of our individual microbiome, an ecological community whose balance we depend on to stay well. It has been proven that an exposure to stress negatively alters the microbiome, which leads to increased inflammation and poor health. To counteract these negative effects, we have introduced  Tune Wellness Daily CBD Full Spectrum Oil into our daily routine to great success.

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As we continue to research and get a fuller understanding of our microbiome, we can better respect its functions and importance. In most cases, microbes are allies to our overall health and survival. When we introduce antibiotics, medications and disinfectants into the microbiome, the balance shifts away from health. Medicines that were once fail-safe remedies have now been rendered useless.

Thankfully, we have CBD. Not just a fad, current research has proven CBD’s unequivocal ability to inhibit the harmful growth and spread of both infections and diseases. In fact, leading medical researchers have documented the effectiveness of CBD and terpenes in combating viral bacterial and fungal infections.

Researchers like those working for Tune Wellness have found a way to harness CBD’s effectiveness, allowing for its everyday use in the promotion of a better sense of being. Our preferred product for staying well? Tune Wellness Daily CBD Full Spectrum Oil. This product’s proprietary set of anti-anxiety terpenes are layered into the base oil rich in all the cannabinoids (including the cannabinoid acid precursors), terpenes, flavonoids and other phytonutrients that are associated with positive health transformation, results that contribute to a more robust immune system.

We love Tune Wellness because it provides an optimal dose of CBD and stress-reducing terpenes to calm us, without a high dose of THC. With Tune, we know that we are getting the most natural, unaltered form of medicine that nature intended.

With the inability of current medications to meet the antiviral and antimicrobial challenges facing today’s medical community, full spectrum hemp oil holds promise to reduce symptoms associated with the flu and colds, fighting common bacterial infections as well as more serious microbial disease threats.

Simply put, Tune Wellness Daily CBD Full Spectrum Oil empowers your system.

The full spectrum hemp oil supports your natural defenses by giving your endocannabinoid system a huge boost.  Specifically, the cannabinoids and terpenes in full spectrum hemp oil have been found to be very helpful in reducing body pain, sinus pressure, headaches and upset stomachs – allowing people to better rest and heal.

When it comes to why people choose to try CBD, reducing stress and anxiety is a primary reason for their curiosity. Chronic stress and anxiety are not only precursors to many diseases and disorders, they are also side effects.

In unprecedented times such as these, protecting yourself should be of utmost importance. Wellness starts from within, and you can give yourself no better gift than a boost to your system with Tune Wellness CBD.

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