Anusha Chowdhury adds another feather to her cap as HBS online features her on their Instagram

The ace Bangladeshi entrepreneur and mental health advocate has earned immensely in all her endeavors in life.

It is no everyday thing for individuals to make it to the top publications and media outlets often, nor is it easy for people to make it to the prominent pages and platforms of prestigious institutions of the world. However, incredibly talented beings like Anusha Chowdhury make sure to fill in the hearts of people with the confidence that anything is possible at any age and time in life, and people aspiring to become entrepreneurs can definitely pave their own path to success in unbelievable ways. The serial entrepreneur, who is also famously known as a mental health advocate and philanthropreneur, recently got featured on HBS online on their Instagram, something not all women entrepreneurs or others have been able to achieve.

The Bangladeshi entrepreneur and pure talent is a driven professional who believed that her ambitions and goals in life were always bigger than the opinions of the naysayers around her. This strong mental fortitude allowed her to become who she is today, making her name worldwide as a serial entrepreneur, President of her NGO Let’s Talk Mental Health (LTMH), Director of the Canadian University of Bangladesh, public speaker, mental health advocate, and also a social activist. It was incredible to notice how the Harvard Business School online featured her and gave a takeover on their Instagram, making Anusha Chowdhury the 1st Bangladeshi to get this opportunity.

She did her undergrad in Business Administration, majored in marketing from North South University, and now also boasts an Entrepreneurship Essentials Degree from Harvard Business School online. On the stories of HBS online, she is seen mentioning about how this particular course proves to be the best for all those aspiring to become robust entrepreneur and help people learn about how startups function, how they can seek venture capitalist funding, and what are the priorities in starting a new business.

In her free time, Anusha Chowdhury reinforces the next-gen women of her country as a mentor in programs like Bangladesh Women’s Inspirational award 2022. She owns “Fund A Nation,” an organization dedicated towards women empowerment, unemployment, poverty, and eradication of illiteracy, and is the CEO of the e-grocery platform “Bazar Nao,” Which provides groceries to people on credit.

Speaking on the Entrepreneurship Essentials course, she quotes, “It was one of the best courses I’ve ever taken; Harvard really lives up to its name. Hearing the experiences of some very successful entrepreneurs and putting that information into perspective with the “People, Opportunity, Context, Deal” framework that the course focuses on really helped me to understand essential things.” Anusha Chowdhury also made some really meaningful connections from other cohorts in the class, which she mentions was really great to bounce ideas off each other.

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