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The increased technological advancements have made it extremely easy to start new businesses in recent times. The Ecommerce space has tremendously evolved to a whole new level introducing numerous new businesses. It has gained widespread global acceptance, and it is now ‘the new way of doing business. Dropshipping is among the new ideas that have gained popularity among eCommerce sellers and it is gradually gaining acceptance. Buyers nowadays prefer shopping online as it is more convenient and easy to get what they need from where they are.

Dropshipping is a new retail fulfilling method where sellers do not stock products. Instead, they buy the products from another supplier when they receive orders on their online store. The products will be shipped directly to the customer, and the buyer will in no way directly handle the products. It is an exciting entrepreneurial venture and thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs have already jumped on the opportunity.

Anthony Del Rio is part of the entrepreneurs who have already explored the opportunity and are making millions from it. Anthony is an Amazon drop shipper who has got good at understanding how to sell on eCommerce platforms. He is the founder and owner of Ecomdelrio, a popular and reputable Dropshipping brand, and Steadyecom, an online business learning platform.

His interest in online business developed when he enrolled in a business course as he was fascinated to understand how it worked. After years of studying and trying to understand the eCommerce industry basics, he was able to identify dropshipping as a perfect venture to pursue. It was an easy-to-start and less capital demanding venture that fit his lifestyle. Anthony Del Rio comes from humble beginnings. He was a high school dropout and has no college degree to his name. Discovering the potential of dropshipping was the best thing that could happen to him, and he gladly embraced it. Today he is among the world’s top dropshipping entrepreneurs thanks to his hard work and commitment to transform his fortunes.

Anthony believes that people become successful not because of where they start but the path they choose when chasing their dreams. He is living his dream today but aspires to scale to even higher heights. He foresees much growth in the dropshipping industry as more customers are changing their perception of online shopping.

Here are some of the trends he predicts for the dropshipping business.

1. More growth is expected in the post-pandemic period.

It’s no doubt that 2020 has led to more e-commerce businesses than ever before. The movement restriction meant more online shopping for customers. Anthony anticipates that the new consumer behavior will continue after the pandemic as they have already adapted to the new norm and are comfortable.

2. Increased influencer sales

Influencer marketing is not a new concept, especially with the rise of social media. But with dropshipping being a new concept, Anthony foresees more personalized influencer marketing to build trust between consumers and brands.

 3. Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is a new thing in e-commerce as consumers are now interested in more than just the products. Dropshippers will have to scale up their brands and embrace products that are more environmentally friendly. You will not want to lose a customer simply because you didn’t factor in environmental concerns.

4. Competition

Being easy to venture into business, it is evident that more entrepreneurs are likely to begin their journey with dropshipping, and thus more competition can be seen. Anthony expects a boost in the number of single-product online stores.

Anthony is available on Instagram for more insights on the dropshipping market.

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