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Today’s generation believes in starting up something of their own rather than spending their lives working for others. That’s why there are so many successful entrepreneurs around us. With so many business ideas available today, youth find it easy to find their niche and start their venture. Australia’s Angus Onisforou, studying Business/Law at UTS in Sydney, is all set to launch his business next month.

Angus Onisforou is setting up a new auction house business in  Melbourne, Cars and Collectables. It will be an online business specialising in cars and high-end collectables. Angus believes that the pandemic has shown us how sustainable the online business market is. He wanted to start a venture which interests him the most.

When asked what inspired him to come up with the plan of starting a business while also pursuing his studies, Angus Onisforou shares, “I was inspired to start my business, due to being an avid watch collector as well as the motor enthusiast. I had the idea to start this platform due to the benefits it provides to both the seller and buyer in having a large variety of cars and collectables in one place with competitive rates.”

At first, Angus hopes to build a strong presence in Melbourne and the entire Australia. One of his major goals is to expand his business internationally to become the most prestigious auction house.

This isn’t the first time Angus Onisforou is making news due to his love for cars and motors. In 2018, he was all over the news because of his Quad Safe Early Warning System gadget. It took Angus 18 months to build the gadget that can be retrofitted to any quad bike or even golf cart or mobility scooter. It gives the person riding the vehicle a heads up whenever they are entering dangerous territory.

Well, Angus Onisforou is quite excited to commence his new journey as an entrepreneur soon. He has everything planned for this year and hopes that he makes great progress by the end of 2021. Along with his business, Angus will also be completing his studies at UTS.

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