Andrew Valdez Johnston: Meet the Up-and-Coming Realtor Who is Making a Difference for his Military Peers

Andrew Valdez Johnston is a visionary realtor with Hulett and Associates Inc. and an active-duty U.S. Naval personnel.

Andrew believes the real estate market could be more client-centric, which is why he backs up that claim in every interaction with them. How does he achieve such focus? He created a clever system that helps set expectations for buyers and sellers, keeping them on track during the process.

Not always so business-minded as he is today, Andrew had an eye-opening experience after reading, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. The book advocates for the importance of financial literacy, financial independence and building wealth through investing in assets such as real estate, inspiring Andrew to create his own success story.

Military Service and a Love for Real Estate

Although his family moved a lot when he was young, Andrew eventually settled in Washington State, where he stayed until he enlisted in the military in August of 2013. Incredibly, he remains an active-duty U.S. Navy member today, even while he maintains an intense focus on the real estate market and the clients he serves. Living near one of the largest Naval bases in the country, he takes pride in helping fellow military families who are moving into the Norfolk/Hampton Roads/Virginia Beach area(s) find the homes they need to settle into the community as well.

In 2016, Andrew bought his first property, a duplex, just before being deployed. When he returned a year later, he invested in a commercial dental office building, and his love for the real estate market solidified. From that point forward, he had no doubts about his future in the industry. He then began the process of obtaining his real estate license, which he earned in 2020.

Client-Focused System

What makes Andrew stand out in the crowded real estate market is his system for working with clients in a way that keeps everyone on track with the many tasks required to buy or sell a home. Whenever he meets a client, he provides them with an extensive information packet with a rundown on each step involved in the process, what the client can expect and what the realtor needs from the client.

“Many people interested in becoming involved in a real estate transaction, whether it is first-time home buyers, sellers or investors, don’t always know what they’re getting,” Andrew  stated. That’s why he put all the details into writing. And his information packets are extensive, covering everything in the process from ‘A’ to ‘Z’, leaving absolutely nothing to confusion.

For instance, his seller’s guide describes how to clean your house, why you should use a professional photographer, how to market the house online, and how to prepare for an open house. His buyer’s guide includes a home buyer’s checklist, recommendations to secure a mortgage, and how to make an offer on a house. He also has written a mortgage guide, which includes a checklist for the entire process as well as a focused checklist for home inspections.

Andrew believes these written materials make the process a lot smoother while helping him stay on track with the process as much as it helps the client. In addition, the time he saves explaining the various real estate transactions is time he can use to get to know the clients better. By building a rapport and focusing on their needs, he can pinpoint and deliver services in following a business model that is client-focused and delivers real estate expertise to all involved.

White-Glove Service

Andrew truly wants his clients to have a great experience and get the best possible outcome from their real estate transactions.

“I am committed to providing ‘white-glove service and strong attention to detail to assure my clients are receiving astonishing customer service,” Andrew said. “Trustworthiness, exceptional negotiation skills, and accountability for the interests of my clients are what my business is founded on.”

In the short time that Andrew has worked as a licensed agent, he has already proven his worth and earned the love of his clients. He strongly feels that his dedication to providing a low-stress and well-prepared buying experience is what sets his service apart and he has no plans to change that anytime soon.

“With as much passion as I have for the industry, I am dedicated to providing exceptional service to current and potential clients,” he proclaimed.

About Andrew Valdez Johnston

Andrew Valdez Johnston is an up-and-coming realtor with H&A Realty. Based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, he has created the VJ ‘s Complete Home System model, a program he implements with his clients to ensure their buying or selling journey is as efficient and effective as possible. To get in contact with Andrew, visit here:

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