One of the biggest names in the insurance industry, Andrew Taylor, 31, worked as a grocery bagger for a supermarket while putting himself through college. Things quickly changed when he ventured into the insurance industry and personally sold over $100K his first year. Today, he is the founder of Family First Life USA (FFL USA), an insurance agency that has changed the lives of thousands of agents and families.

To say his results speak for themselves would be an understatement.

Andrew has sold over $2.5 million dollars of insurance on his own pen. He’s also helped mentor 500 personal producers earn six figures or more and 16 agencies do over $12 million a year in sales. These remarkable achievements have also earned him the title as Integrity Marketing Group’s youngest partner.

So what’s his secret to success? A “whatever it takes” attitude combined with a powerful work ethic.

In Andrew’s case, going back to bagging groceries and being in debt was a reality he wouldn’t accept, therefore, he was willing to do whatever it took to change his financial future. When he found the insurance industry, he saw it as a way out from the rat race, which is why he went all in. He was willing to do what others wouldn’t now, so he could live like others can’t later.

Andrew quickly learned, however, that work ethic wasn’t the only variable to consider when it came to finding success in the insurance industry. You also have to find the right company.

Think of an IMO like racing a car; if you’re in a Ferrari and you’re racing a Mustang, you could still lose if your Ferrari has a governor in it limiting it’s top speed to 80 MPH. In this case, the Ferrari has what it takes to win, but its success is still limited.

This is what happens when skilled people get involved with low paying independent marketing organizations. Most people don’t know this, but not all IMO compensation plans are created equal.  Many companies pay their agents a fraction of what they deserve, a fact that Andrew was unaware of when he first got involved with the industry.

In 2014, when Andrew decided to partner with Family First Life (FFL) he felt like he found the holy grail. Not only did they offer the best compensation, but they also had free sales training and some of the best lead generation in the industry. In his first year with FFL, Andrew Taylor was able to clear $500,000 in sales, which is an astounding achievement considering the average life insurance agent only sells $43K annually.

Andrew’s current mission is to help others achieve their dreams just like he did. At FFL USA he’s created an environment that allows people who are willing to work hard, be teachable, and never give up to achieve true financial freedom – and this is just the beginning!

To learn more about Andrew Taylor, connect with him on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can also check out FFL USA on YouTube,Facebook, and Instagram.

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