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Andrew Hristo caught the travel bug at a young age, but never imagined he could continue traveling while earning a living. He grew up in Adelaide, a small city in Australia and quickly realized the importance of learning online business to create new opportunities for himself. In high school he started importing and selling products on the internet making enough money to not worry about getting a regular job. Andrew continued to explore different business models, getting involved in social media marketing and dropshipping. The young businessman was eager to explore the world which saw him making the move to Miami at just 19 years old. He led a busy life studying, working and traveling which consisted of e-commerce, influencer marketing and social media management.

Andrew hated the idea of taking the regular path of going to school and getting a 9-5 job. He decided to go high risk, high reward instead of taking the safe route. This was achieved by constantly executing on new ideas and never giving up. Andrew believes that most people spend too much time planning their businesses and not enough time taking action and executing on their ideas. You will learn many of the things you are unsure about as you build your business instead of delaying action, or even better you can use a mentor to guide you.

After building multiple successful online businesses from scratch, Andrew stresses the importance of focusing on high profit action tasks that help a business generate revenue. Time consuming jobs such as writing emails must be delegated so you can focus on the profitability of the business. Exercise and managing stress is paramount to success. Andrew heavily focuses on his daily routine to ensure he is getting optimal sleep, sunshine and exercise which gives him a competitive advantage. “There’s no point making a bunch of money if you are not healthy and happy,” he says. Focusing on your health will allow you to be more creative when it comes to building your business and help you operate at a higher level.

Andrew wants to be remembered as a man that never settled for average and conquered all areas of life. He believes that anyone can live an empowered and inspiring life once they get clear on their vision. The internet has given us all so many opportunities that other generations did not have. Andrew has helped countless people get started with their own entrepreneurial journey’s and provides mentorship opportunities for people who are hungry for success. Follow Andrew’s journey and get in touch with him on Instagram.

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