By Ryan Deto

During the afternoon of January 24, Andrew Cherry, a middle-aged black man, was found dead by relatives in his one-bedroom apartment in Vermont Square.

The Los Angeles Times reported that family members became distressed when Cherry did not show up to visit his two children, who live just blocks away from his 1400 block of West 53rd Street residence.

According the LAPD, paramedics arrived shortly after the discovery and pronounced Cherry dead. Investigators believed he was killed sometime the night before in a non-gang-related shooting, but could not provide an exact time. Coroner's records reveal that he suffered several bullet wounds to the head.

According to a database put together by the Los Angeles Times, more than 135 homicides were reported within a two-mile radius of the shooting between 2007 and 2011. A vast majority of these victims were killed by gunfire.

Note: Due to technical difficulties, the LA Weekly's archive of all homicides within Los Angeles city limits was discontinued near the end of last year. We will be rolling out the 2011 homicides, one by one, until our “Murder was the Case” archive is up to date. Thanks for your patience.

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