An Inside Look into Stan Wittenberg’s Incredible Music Journey


Stan Wittenberg is the founder of Tribal Music Group, a thriving social media agency. Tribal Music Group stands out as a collective of social media brands, record labels, and creative outlets, such as Tribal Trap, the biggest brand in the group. With a catalog of over 2,500 songs and more than 8 million followers, Tribal Music Group is also marking its name in the entertainment scene with upwards of 2 million listeners daily.

According to Stan, all Tribal Music Group brands are collectively focused on the goal of promoting music in more “new age” ways like NFTs, user-generated content such as reels, and other kinds of guerilla-like marketing strategies, etc. Although there doesn’t seem to be much of a connection between the accounts, they all serve the same goal and support the record label.

In 2019 Tribal Trap, one of the labels in Tribal Music Group, was ranked as one of the top 10 upcoming labels by They boasted an impressive 890% growth rate in Russia, reaching over 10 million listeners that year.  In the following year, Tribal Music Group reached their milestone of having over 1 Billion cumulative streams.

Aside from working with numerous other notable brands such as Google, Puma, League of Legends, Ubisoft, So You Think You Can Dance, Les Mills, and others, Tribal Music Group has also captured the attention of notable personalities in the world such as Elon Musk, who in Dec 2021 jokingly tweeted out one of their trap mixes to Jack Dorsey.

Stan started working on Tribal Trap as a YouTube channel in 2014, aged 15. The channel uploaded music from third-party artists to share with their audience, thirsty to listen to new trap daily without having to go out and look for it. After a few years, Stan started signing artists to Tribal Trap for exclusive premieres or even releases, eventually transforming the channel into a record label. Incredibly, Stan’s passion and dedication to the music scene have seen him grow Tribal Trap into the group of channels, record labels, and Instagram accounts it is today.

He shares an uplifting story of a young man who dared to bring his dream to life. With no prior music or entertainment industry education and experience, Stan has now established one of the biggest musically inclined social media agencies in the country. The music industry was still figuring out how streaming impacted business models as it was not long ago that they relied on shows and CD sales for most of their income. But a visionary and tech-oriented individual, Stan grew up in a time when he found it arguably easier to navigate to establish his empire.

The last two years have been of continuous growth, and Stan envisions the Tribal Music Group as a more extensive multi-media network encompassing many different digital media brands.

“I can only see our network grow, with more brands and accounts adding strength to our position in the music industry. Potentially allowing us to expand outside of just music marketing, crossing over into more conventional marketing industries,” explains Stan.

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