An Inside Look Into Lamar Berko; a Celebrity Jeweller Who has established a Global Jewellery Brand


Coming from humble beginnings does not deter you from moving up the success ladder in life. It is possible to come out on the other side of financial freedom. Dreams, hard work, passion, confidence, persistence, and resilience are forces that help you take charge of your life and carve a path toward greatness. Also, it would be best if you take risks, possess unwavering self-belief and a “can do” attitude, don’t care what others think of you, think outside the box, be optimistic at heart, and take responsibility for your own life.

Lamar Berko is an innovative celebrity jeweller from South West London. Although he was born and raised in London, Lamar has roots in Ghana & Jamaica. Lamar worked through life’s hardship to become a successful entrepreneur in the jewellery industry.

Lamar has always been passionate about fashion and entrepreneurship. When he was 19 years old, he started trading watches. His excellent eye for quality aided him in distinguishing different kinds of watches or jewellery with high value. A year later, in 2013, he established a jewelry brand – LB Jewellers, in London, which he currently runs as the CEO. Through innovation, wit, and experience, he has scaled the brand into a global one.

Lamar is top on the list of prosperous young jewelers in the UK and has built his clientele and opened doors for other young entrepreneurs. His key focus is to discover and promote young talents to become great. In addition, Lamar provides job opportunities for people in other countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa and is a supporter and chief sponsor of Ghana’s Greengen FC.

LB Jewellers is renowned for its state-of-the-art designs, first-rate customization, high-value watches, and jewelry conservation. Thus massively growing his business and social media platforms. It has also serviced prominent stars such as Floyd Mayweather, international superstar Wizkid, African giant Burna Boy, DJ Spinall Chelsea Footballer Callum Hudson-Odoi, Andy Cole, Beenie Man, David Beckham, Digga D, Danny Rose, and many more. Lamar is passionate about Africa, and his brand will continue to provide quality service to its growing clientele there.

Unarguably a renowned jewelley brand, LB Jewellers is open to servicing anyone regardless of status and remains resolute in providing high-end and quality products. “Most of my clients reach out, and I believe it’s a pointer to the quality of service I provide. Also, as a guiding principle, I believe that successful people seek to have the best things in life. So they work hard for their money and believe in quality and durability.”

Lamar admonishes upcoming entrepreneurs to conduct a thorough study about the field they intend to venture into and capitalize on all opportunities regardless of their magnitude. Likewise, he does not see failures as falling but rather as a wake-up call to get up. According to him, man is born to work, and just like steel, he shines in use and rusts in rest. The young CEO shares that he doesn’t see himself as a jeweller but as a brand.

He concludes by saying, “Jewellery is just one of many things from the LB Brand. I have a big announcement coming up in the next few months, and plans are underway to unveil a multi-million-pound investment.”

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