An “Explosion” Of CBD Awesomeness, Or Just Another Dud? — Hemp Bombs CBD Spotlight Review

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Since competition is so fierce in the CBD space, new companies must use eye-catching ads and branding to grab consumers’ attention. While these techniques may succeed in drawing customers to a website, they could give off a “scammy” image. Unfortunately, since the CBD industry is rife with charlatans, it’s never a good look to appear unprofessional.

However, that doesn’t mean companies that use “over the top” marketing techniques are “bad.” For instance, the flashy company “Hemp Bombs” has been selling CBD items since 2016. Based in Tampa, Hemp Bombs seems to be a reputable business that offers many intriguing CBD items.

Real Tested CBD decided to test one of their most popular extracts to get a better sense of Hemp Bombs’ products. Below, you’ll find out whether Hemp Bombs is a “bomb” in the CBD industry.

How Did Hemp Bombs’ CBD Fare On Real Tested CBD?

We ordered Hemp Bombs’ signature 4,000 mg CBD oil for Real Tested CBD’s review. According to our lab results, the total CBD concentration was about 400 mg off from the posted 4,000 mg claim. While this isn’t ideal, it’s not too bad considering Hemp Bombs’ prices. Indeed, even at 3,600 mg of CBD, customers are still spending about $0.08 per mg. Compared with many other CBD oils, that’s not a terrible deal.

Our lab tests also showed zero delta-9 THC and no traces of pesticides, herbicides, or heavy metals. However, we also didn’t notice any beneficial secondary cannabinoids like CBN, CBG, or CBC. People interested in the “entourage effect” will not appreciate the lack of supporting cannabinoids in this Hemp Bombs product.

We gave Hemp Bombs’ 4,000 mg CBD oil a 73 out of 100. On the positive side, this product was clean and had a relatively affordable price. The most significant issues we had with Hemp Bombs’ CBD oil include its lack of secondary cannabinoids and lower-than-expected CBD count.

Please read our full review of Hemp Bombs’ CBD oil on this webpage.

Does Hemp Bombs Sell Other CBD Products?

Hemp Bombs has an impressive range of hemp-derived CBD products to choose from. In addition to CBD oils, you can find CBD gummies, topicals, and capsules under its “Shop” tab. This company also sells specialty items like CBD-infused lollipops, pet treats, and “pain freeze” creams.

For those who’d prefer a more psychedelic experience, Hemp Bombs CBD has a separate store with delta-8 and delta-9 THC products. Even though delta-9 is federally illegal, Hemp Bombs promises to abide by the 2018 US Farm Bill’s requirements for ≤ 0.3 percent total delta-9 THC concentration. You could learn more about this legal loophole in this previous Real Tested CBD post.

Please double-check your state’s laws on hemp-derived THC cannabinoids before ordering any delta-8 or delta-9 goods from sites like Hemp Bombs CBD. You could also visit Real Tested CBD’s Delta-8 Resource Center for up-to-date info on the legality of this cannabinoid.

Is Hemp Bombs CBD A Reputable Brand?

Although Real Tested CBD only analyzed one of Hemp Bombs’ products, we see no evidence this is a disreputable brand. Hemp Bombs has been around since 2016, and it has been featured on many prominent news sites. You can also easily reach out to the Hemp Bombs team on the site’s contact us page.

For transparency, Hemp Bombs has a “Lab Testing” portal where you can enter your product’s batch number to verify the third-party lab results. The company also promises your goods will have ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC and zero traces of solvents, pesticides, or heavy metals.

Find More “Dynamite” Hemp Products On Real Tested CBD

Hemp Bombs seems to be a reputable CBD oil brand, but there are many other “fire” names in this space. If Hemp Bombs’ offerings don’t appeal to your preferences, you should check out the hundreds of CBD product reviews on Real Tested CBD. Real Tested CBD has analyzed samples from the most prominent CBD and delta-8 brands in the USA. We promise to deliver accurate and unbiased reporting to help you choose the ideal hemp product for your needs.

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