An Explanation of Live Resin

Most likely, if you’ve ever used cannabis or hemp products, you’ve heard of living resin. But if you’re unfamiliar with THC, you can have many questions regarding what live resin is. Here is a useful reference that will help you comprehend the benefits of living resin as well as other important information about our new products.

What Is Live Resin?

Live resin is a Hemp concentrate that may be vaporized by dabbing or using a cartridge, to put it simply. It is not to be confused with rosin, which is a separate substance, and there is a reason why it is called live resin rather than just resin.

The Meaning of “Live Resin”

Because the plant is quickly frozen after harvesting, the substance is known as living resin rather than merely resin. Additionally, the plant is not dried or cured during the extraction process; instead, it is kept frozen. This is done to guarantee that the completed product retains all of its qualities, including terpenes and other substances.

The same procedure applies to live rosin, which we’ll discuss further in a moment. However, because frozen plants are used in the procedure rather than fresh ones, you might get a lot more potency and tastes. Although you can buy items with comparable flavors or potency elsewhere, living resin helps a product maintain its purity.

Live Resin Vs. Live Rosin

Although the terms “rosin” and “resin” are frequently used interchangeably, they refer to separate products. Due to how close both names sound, this frequently occurs. Live rosin employs the same extraction method as live resin, though. The main distinction between them is how each component was extracted, even though they frequently create almost identical compounds.

Both goods are available without the word “live” in front of their names. Simply put, this indicates that the products with “live” in front of their names were manufactured with frozen plants, whereas those without the designation were made with dried plants.

The price is the first of two key distinctions between live resin and live rosin. Due to the extraction procedure, live rosin typically costs more, whereas live resin is more economical. The extraction procedure is the second significant distinction, as was mentioned previously. Rosin and resin are nearly interchangeable, yet they also differ significantly in some key ways.

Distillate Vs. Live Resin

The high terpene content of live resin, as opposed to distillate’s lack of terpene preservation, is the primary distinction between live resin and distillate.

When compared to store-bought aloe vera, think of live resin as being fresh. Live resin is equivalent to picking up an aloe plant, slicing it open, and using the aloe inside. A distillate, on the other hand, would be like buying aloe vera from a store that only sells extracts.


Although the extraction procedure is the same for both distillate and live resin, the crucial distinction is that live resin is created from frozen still alive plant material. Utilizing dried and curing plant material, distillate is extracted.

Both can go through the various extraction processes, including winterization, decarboxylation, any proprietary processes, solvent use (if any), and other extraction methods, but the post-extraction procedures do differ.

Although both products are beneficial, preference and accessibility are the primary differences.

Live Resin Potency

Live resin is a product that is extremely potent due to the manufacturing method. Additionally, it has a much stronger aroma than other concentrates and gives off a cleaner high. Live resin tends to be far more potent when compared to other concentrations like shatter.

This is so because the extraction process tends to preserve the majority of the potency of living resin. In comparison to other distillates, live resin has a much better tendency to maintain its integrity when given as distillate.

This implies that other cannabinoids produced utilizing this distinctive method of extraction, such as THC-O, THCP, Delta 10 THC, etc., may be much more strong. The flavor of these kinds of items is one of their main benefits.

Effects of Live Resin Initially

Live resin typically has quick onset effects, much like any other hemp you smoke or vape. This indicates that after a few puffs, you can begin to experience a head change. Although it might not happen right away, you should wait 10-15 minutes between puffs to be sure you aren’t going overboard.

Smoking live resin tends to have effects that are most comparable to those of smoking flower, however, it will be a little less strong and tasty. The initial high from distillate will be stronger, but it usually won’t last as long. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that distillate lacks the terpenes and other cannabinoids found in natural hemp that promote the entourage effect.

There is no superior live resin or distillate when choosing between both. It just depends on the kind of high you’re after and how that specific product will fit into your daily routine.

Terpenes in Live Resin

Most terpenes are released when hemp is extracted utilizing the live resin technique. Terpenes, however, play a significant role in our living resin collection in addition to delicious flavors.

Terpenes exist in a wide range of combinations and collaborate with flavonoids and cannabinoids to produce effects. Your body and mind experience full-spectrum impacts as a result of this. Despite not being psychoactive in itself like their cannabinoid counterparts, terpenes are nonetheless crucial to the effects that are produced.

To achieve the entourage effect, terpenes play a critical role in the equation. Because the terpenes and cannabinoids in live resin products operate together in harmony rather than separately, you may experience considerably more from them.

Delta Extrax Live Resin

We’re thrilled to share that we have launched several live resin goods now that you know a little bit more about live resin. These products differ from standard ones, though, because they contain THC-O, THCP, and Delta 10 THC.

Our living resin comes in a disposable 2g container with special cannabinoids. This indicates that compared to other products on the market, you receive twice as much live resin. We also provide some pretty delicious tastes for you to enjoy.

Dog Walker OG

This variety is fantastic since, unlike some others, it naturally generates a flavor that is quite organic. This variety is best for someone who prefers hemp’s flavor with a hint of other terpenes that doesn’t tend to overpower.


The San Fernando Valley in Southern California, where this strain was first discovered, has contributed to its popularity. You may anticipate the sweet, aromatic scent of lemon, as well as undertones of pine and other flavors.

Strawberry Shortcake

This flavor is a strong strawberry-dominant strain with additional berry undertones. The fruity flavors are really strong and sweet, as you’ll discover. The Strawberry Shortcake is fantastic if you like sweet-flavored foods with fruity scents.

White Widow

The White Widow strain is another one of our varieties that yields a more organic flavor. Nevertheless, there are berries and sweet spices in this strain’s background notes. When compared to Strawberry Shortcake, it isn’t as heavy as fruit terpenes.


Live resin is a wonderful product that is potent and flavorful. But living resin should not be confused with live rosin, which is an entirely distinct substance. If you want to sample live resin, we recently introduced new products, each of which has its own flavors and strains. We’re eager for you to sample our goods, and we’ll soon be introducing additional living resin products.

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