An Author’s Journey into the Unknown

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“I want just to leave everything and go.”

A thought not many of us are unfamiliar with as, at one point in life, we have all been there. Life can be challenging, and the mundaneness can really extract every bit of life out of us. The routine, mundane tasks become harder with time, adding more stress to an already stressful life. A person spends every day of their existence clinging to the hope that things might get better in the future.

Mark Schwahn, the creator of a famous show, One Tree Hill, said, “One day you’re 17 and planning for someday. And then quietly and without you ever really noticing, someday is today. And then someday is yesterday. And this is your life.” This is what life is, and the irony is that the present becomes compromised in the quest for the future. In her quest to visit different parts of the world, she learned that traveling was more about finding oneself than escaping a chaotic lifestyle. The world is going through a lot. With the aftereffects of COVID-19 still being felt worldwide, only time can tell whether everything will be back to normal.

Today’s unprecedented times have enabled us to think of things in a different light. Perhaps, it even gave us a chance to explore options that were previously ignored. Research indicates that Gen Zs have become more interested in traveling after the pandemic. So, the sense of adventure in people has increased. Some might say that traveling can even change lives.

At least, Margot Meraz thinks so. The author of the book, Echoes of a Sacred Mountain, firmly believes that traveling can change lives. But the book was named after her father, who loved going to the mountains.

Unlike her father’s expeditions, Margot’s journey was much more complicated than one can comprehend. She dreamt about orange bubbles floating at night at the Cuchuma outskirts, which was claimed was due to UFO sightings.

The UFO sightings were, in fact, true. Fox 9 News covered the sightings in its report. During a dark night spent with her mother, she saw something that changed her life forever. Apparently, for her mother, this wasn’t the first time. Born and raised in Navojoa Sonora, Mexico, Margot’s mother saw a flying saucer when she was just nine years old.

Imagine that the world itself is hard to understand, and we have beings from other universes ready to explore. Humans need the drive to move forward. If life becomes stagnant, then there’s no going forward. For instance, visit an elderly in an old home. They are waiting for the Grim Reaper to take them because they have seen it all. Margot, in her book, shares that there’s a way that people can lead better lives if they explore themselves. The best way to do that is to explore the world.

With cultural diversity and serene beauty all around, a person can delve within their soul and find themselves. Traveling can be tricky. Still, it allows a person to keep an open mind and gain new prowess to succeed. Remember, no one can say that they have witnessed everything in life or on this earth because, quite honestly, it’s impossible.

Traveling and the Power of Believe – An Outstanding Duo

Traveling also unlocks that hidden potential that every person seeks to find within. That potential is the power to believe in oneself. Margot is a strong believer in people achieving anything through faith. She wishes to instill the notion in her readers that faith can push a person forward beyond their wildest dreams. Margot claims that traveling allows a person’s heart to beat with a different rhythm. The melody one creates by walking on unchartered territories, far from home, can be just what’s needed in life.

Another cliché is thinking that the power of belief can help us. Margot’s experience may inspire us to believe as well. Apart from traveling, she was lucky (or unlucky) to have seen a UFO, but her journey around the world showed that the power of belief is what we need.

There’s a good chance travelers find themselves lonely on unknown winding roads. But by close inspection, they might find things they can relate to. At least, one may find people who can relate to you. There are people with wide arms and huge smiles who are ready to welcome others. The positivity within those people helps shift mindsets.

Margot Meraz’s book is a culmination of her journey through strange lands. The book also highlights her childhood and what it was like for her growing up. She especially invites those readers who are looking for inspiration. The book also talks about her manifestation and dreams that enabled her to take this journey. Perhaps, other forces helped her, like the lockdown restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Margot states that it’s more than just a biography but a travelogue for her mind. Readers will find themselves in the same hiking shoes as Margot as she embarks on a journey through different lands. She’s a mariner with years of traveling experience. Even then, she feels like it’s not enough. Her desire to travel enables her to pack her bag and drift into the winds because humans need that adventurous element to drive themselves forward.

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