An Afternoon with Filmmaker Alexandra Vino

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One evening in NYC at a trendy place, I met a beautiful woman named Alexandra Vino who turned out to be a filmmaker. Since I am fascinated by the how and the why, I wanted to interview her to satisfy my own curiosity. On a rare afternoon when she had some spare time, we met at her boho chic apartment for a cup of green tea to discuss art and commerce. Alexandra started as an acting professional at the age of seventeen.  She studied “The Method “at “The Actor’s Studio” and reveres the craft. Like many of my favorite directors: Affleck and Clooney come to mind who started as actors and went on to make many great films.

Alexandra’s Career

Vino made her first film in 2016 and it won two awards at the only festival her team submitted it to: “The Chelsea Film Festival “ in NYC.  Alexandra has written many feature scripts, short stories and even kids animated content.  She wants to explore many genres.

Her latest film “Green Kola” is a satire comedy about behind the scenes of Hollywood and Madison Avenue. How marketing and celebrity goes hand in hand and the opportunistic players who are around this business. A certain famous family from Reality TV comes to mind. The film has won best short film at several festivals including Paris Independent Film Festival and LA Shorts Film Festival, which makes the film eligible to be submitted for an Academy Award. “I was initially surprised by the positive reaction of the audience and critics. Since I went into it just to enjoy the work” The success of the short film has prompted her to write a feature film stemming from “Green Kola” called “Hollywood Movie” and she promises that its laugh aloud is funny.

Love For Her Work

Alexandra is a workaholic who gets up at dawn to walk her beloved chihuahua Monalisa and has an extensive list of things to do every day. When she is not shooting, she still goes on auditions for acting which she says have gotten easier since she started directing. “I have an understanding of what it takes to shoot a scene, therefore it’s a lot more fun”

Social & Leisure

When Alexandra is not on the phone to various world capitals raising funds for her film, she is trying to catch up with friends on facetime. Like many folks in show business, Vino is based on both coasts and spends a lot of time in LA.

Vino will be back in NYC in November to shoot new scenes from the “Hollywood Movie” and I look forward to catching up with her.

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