Amplify Your Post-Holiday Detox with Juna’s Plant-Based Detox Drops

It’s that time of the year again when we wonder how to deal with the post-holiday pains. After nights of partying, letting your hair down, and drinking a glass more than you usually do, January often turns into a time of trying out new diets and detoxes for most of us. However, wouldn’t it be great if you could cut short your time to recovery and get back to feeling like a better you? Thanks to Juna’s plant-based Detox Drops, you can now amplify your post-holiday detox with ease.

Juna, founded in 2018, is the brainchild of two working moms who wanted to beat stress, sleep better, be more productive, and balance their moods. Juna is launching a new Detox product on January 11, 2022, making post-holiday time easier for many of us. Talking about their product, Jewel Zimmer, Founder and CEO of Juna, says, “Detox is the body’s natural process of elimination. Chlorophyll, the hero ingredient in Detox Drops, is the ultimate agent for the body to feel clean and regenerated. “These drops work as a powerful antioxidant to stimulate the liver and clear out cellular waste, boost metabolism, debloat, increase gut flora, and supply the blood with oxygen and the brain with clarity. Finally, being plant-based ensures that they gently guide the toxins where they belong – outside your body.”

Taylor Lamb, Juna’s Co-Founder, and CMO echoes Jewel’s faith in their product. She says, “We invested a lot of time and effort in R&D to create a genuinely good product whose positive effects ultimately help women, like us, feel better. Apart from the benefits shared by Jewel, Juna’s Detox Drops enhance energy levels, making them the perfect way to kickstart your morning, allowing you to make the most of your time and passion and not feel like you are exhausted 24/7. They also eliminate internal toxins caused by pollution, help clear up the skin, detox the liver the morning after alcohol consumption, and act as an internal deodorant for better breath and body odor. I personally start every morning with them.”

Post-holiday detox can help you get back on your feet in no time. You no longer have to worry about starting the year on the wrong foot. Instead, with Juna’s Detox Drops, you can easily grab the new year by the horns and keep the cheer for months. For more information about the company and products, please visit, or email if you have any questions for the founders or want to request a sample.

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