Amnads Announces the Launch of the Most Recent Affiliate Marketing App

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Affiliate marketing has been around for years. But the recent technological evolution and the increase in mobile device users have seen an increasing trend in brands uing affiliate marketing platforms. Many independent creators, businesspersons, and online publications are using affiliate marketing to earn millions in revenue per month.

Recent studies show that the amount of money brands use for affiliate marketing in the United States alone is expected to rise to $8.5 billion by the close of 2022. This is a significant rise from the $5.4 billion that was recorded in 2017.

The emergence of the global pandemic posed several challenges for many businesses. Amidst these challenges, the pandemic came with new changes in how people live and work, prompting more and more people to venture into the affiliate marketing world. One of the most significant changes caused by the pandemic is the increased use of mobile devices in affiliate marketing. Market statistics indicate a consistent increase in traffic related to mobile device platform affiliate marketing.

Amnads is an affiliate marketing and influencer advertising platform that has tapped into technology to promote brands. It is considered the first Saudi app for affiliate marketing. The platform is customized with the latest marketing technology. It allows online store owners and apps to advertise with a commission-per-order model by endorsing and developing advertising businesses through influencers.

Amnads’ affiliate marketing platform works equally as a salesperson being paid a commission for a successful sale; the higher the number of sales, the higher the commission. “The affiliate commissions could range from cents on the dollar to hundreds of dollars per recommendation. When done right, you can earn more than your current job or expand the income of an existing content business,” explains the Amnads team.

Amnads was launched in early 2022 with the sole intention of solving the randomness of the influencer ads market in the Middle East through its web platform and mobile application. It currently has over 3K influencers and a crucial objective to expand its service to cover the Middle East and North Africa.

Amnads offers impactful partnerships for its advertisers. It enables them to reach many active influencers across the Middle East. They also have an enthusiastic team that will help you connect your company with the best proportional influencers with your business to achieve your goals. Amnads efficiently manages your campaigns; they receive the coordination and management of your movements and ads and ensure that they are completed on time. In addition, they offer you analytics and follow-ups, i.e., detailed and accurate reports of the progress of your campaign. They provide risk-free marketing as they guarantee campaign success without exceeding the marketing budget.

Succeeding in affiliate marketing is not that easy, and most beginners who try affiliate marketing fail to see the financial results as soon as they assume they would. But this is not the case with the Amnads platform. Though it’s still fresh in the marketplace, the app has gained considerable popularity. The Amnads team shares that there are crucial factors that you need to observe that have seen them breakthrough into affiliate marketing. These include using the latest technology, lucrative affiliate programs, and generating optimized affiliate content. Amnads looks forward to expanding the influencer advertising market across the globe in the future.

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