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There is nothing like the magic of a runway show. The creativity, fashion, style, and energy are captivating, making it the dream assignment for any model. The best models who can gracefully juggle and manage walking in shows worldwide throughout this circuit bring their talents to audiences in almost every city. Peter Shoukry has done just that. With an expansive and multi-faceted career, Peter has been spotted on runways from LAFW and New York FT to Paris and London, setting them ablaze with his unique look.

Peter Shoukry is a model and artist who has worked with iconic brands such as Armani, Hugo Boss, Dolce and Gabbana, and Calvin Klein. “I love the artistry that goes into fashion and modeling,” says Peter. “It’s not just about looks. It’s about relaying the designers’ thoughts, feelings, and motivations behind a line.” Peter, who is no stranger to a packed schedule, is often booked for multiple shows during the runway season due to his work ethic and expertise.

“​When it comes to the runway, you have to refine your craft,” explains Peter. “Walk, timing, energy, personality, etc. it all has to be considered before you step foot into a show. You can’t just look good. You have to embody the energy of the event.” It’s this mindset that makes Peter a standout model. Designers work with him because they know he takes every job he signs onto seriously, giving it 100% and creating a truly powerful performance.

N​ot only is Peter a top model, but he is also a renowned artist famous for his most recent work in facial recognition. A true renaissance man, Peter explains, “Art has many forms and a true artist never just focuses on one. The harder I work, the more inspired I am.” With that attitude, Peter proves that by mastering your craft, you can take on the world.

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