All You Need to Know About Lashes de Anna – Master Lash Artist to the Stars

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Beautiful, expressive eyes are a powerful and coveted feature many of us want to make our own. If you want to enhance your look with a pop of glamor, then lash extensions might be the perfect option. That said, there are so many things to consider when choosing the right eyelash extensions. What style do you want? How long do you want them to be? Do you prefer natural-looking lashes or more dramatic ones?

Lashes de Anna is a popular name in the eyelash extensions game in the greater Los Angeles area. With a focus on top-notch customer service, this brand has helped many celebrities and influential personalities achieve their desired look with the perfect set of lashes. Their work with celebrities like Ariana Grande, Christina Aguilera, and international star and Grammy winner Rosilia makes them one of the most sought-after places in LA. Lashes de Anna has also catered to IG superstars like Nikita Dragun, Morgan Osman, Desi Perkins, and Jordyn and Jodie woods, to name a few.

The brainchild of master lash artist Anna B, Lashes de Anna’s extensions are designed to provide a beautiful enhancement without looking fake or overdone. Anna B is renowned for her top-notch artwork and style, particularly her original wispy cat eye that many have tried and failed to replicate. She can also customize any shape or look, making her a trendsetter in her industry.

Anna’s motivation for opening a professional lash studio dates back to her early days in her native Germany. A go-getter from a young age, Anna grew up in a high-achieving family that expected her to become a lawyer or doctor. However, she defied those expectations and embraced entrepreneurship. She started her career as a business administrator in a beauty salon, which inspired her to become an aesthetician. Anna received her license after six months of evening classes and began her journey in the beauty space.

Determined to become the best in her field, Anna spent the next two years at networking events and conventions. At one convention, she stumbled upon a booth that changed her career trajectory. Even though eyelash extensions were a relatively new concept in the country, Anna was excited to learn more about the technique and how she could become an expert. As a result, she spent countless hours researching and then experimenting on clients.

Her knowledge paid off when Anna and her family moved to California several years later. Anna knew she didn’t want to work for anybody else and began building Lashes de Anna. She explains that many American clients initially hesitated to try her services, mainly because no one offered a similar service at the time. However, her high-quality extension services were so unrivaled that clients started referring their friends to Lashes de Anna.

Seven years after she moved to the US, Anna now has two fully operational and booked-out locations in LA. The talented beautician and artist also runs the Lash Academy, a beauty school specifically dedicated to learning eyelash extension applications. Anna hopes to scale and diversify her ventures further in the future. Her next endeavor is opening up multiple locations for supplies and services and passing on her knowledge to as many beauty technicians as possible.

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