According to court documents, all charges against Newport Beach attorney Steven Mehr were dismissed. Mehr, a pioneer and leader in the personal injury field, was charged in April 2021 by the Orange County D.A.’s Office alleging advertising violations and other offenses.

In November 2021, Mehr’s defense team moved to recuse the assigned prosecutor based on a years-long pattern of prosecutorial misconduct. The case, which was in the midst of several extensive evidentiary hearings with tentative rulings in Mehr’s favor, was dismissed in its entirety in December 2021.

“Justice was served by the dismissal of this case”, said Wayne Gross, former chief of the U.S. Attorneys office and founding partner at Greenberg Gross LLP in Costa Mesa, California, adding “Steve is well known in the legal community for dedicating his life to injured victims rights and I am happy that this nightmare is over for him.”

Steven Mehr was represented by Marshall Camp, John Hueston and Bobby Taghavi who declined to comment.


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