Aline Hennessy Partners with Poshmark, Making Designer Brands Available for All Online Shoppers

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Aline Hennessy is a fashion icon and a successful businesswoman, hailing all the way from NYC, a city known for the influence of the fashion industry and the rich history of designers. She is an avid fashionista and an Instagram icon who loves to keep up with what the big fashion brands are putting out, and she shares her passion for vintage fashion and style through the use of her social media platforms. By now, she has over 30k followers who love to keep up with what she is wearing and the brands she recommends. Aline has won the hearts of many as a powerful female figure and an entrepreneur who supports women’s dreams, inspiring them to become financially independent and do what they love and are passionate about.

She is the CEO of “The Brand Hennessy,” and she’s also a highly sought-after realtor in New Jersey. Recently, Aline has been making headlines for bringing the finest in designer clothing to the Poshmark community. Her closets are full of couture pieces and designer shoes, and her Instagram is covered in the latest items she has bought from around the world. Aline is a collector of rare vintage pieces from famous fashion brands, from Chanel to Chloe, and she enjoys hunting for unique designer pieces and sharing them on social media at @The_AlineHennessy

She has admirers and vintage enthusiasts from around the world who share her passion for haute couture. According to Aline, these designer pieces that she owns are of great value because of their scarcity. Aline has traveled to many places, from London to Denmark, Germany, Hawaii, and more, in search of these rare vintage pieces. “I’m an avid collector of rare vintage pieces, and truthfully, I source and buy things I’m drawn to,” added Aline.

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She partnered with Poshmark and launched her own store, @shoesandthecity, that features hard-to-find, celebrity-approved designer pieces. “I know that young women tend to view collecting vintage as an area that is too expensive or unattainable, but I truly feel there is an opportunity for everyone at every budget level. For those who are extremely passionate about vintage clothing and accessories, @shoesandthecity will have their dream pieces that suit both their tastes and their pockets,” said Aline.

 To be truly luxurious in today’s fast fashion and mass production era, one must seek one-of-a-kind and handcrafted pieces. This luxuriousness can be found in garments that have a history behind them, garments that have been treasured, well-cared for, and handed down from generation to generation. Because of this, Aline’s store is becoming increasingly well-known among style-conscious consumers and those who value high-quality apparel. Aline has given a breath of fresh air and some much-needed originality to our wardrobes when everyone seems to wear the same fast-fashion items. Purchasing one of her pre-owned vintage designer pieces is a fantastic way to set yourself apart from the fashion crowd while giving your outfit a unique touch of personality.

Aline’s Poshmark closet features looks that you may have seen on runways or on celebrities. You can finally get your hands on that stunning dress you’ve been fantasizing about or those chic boots you spotted on your favorite celebrity. Some unique pieces can cost well over a thousand dollars, but you can still find great bargains for around a hundred. Rare vintage pieces won’t be hard to find anymore because now you know where to get them. Since Aline possesses impeccable style, the items sold in her Poshmark store represent the pinnacle of haute couture. Given that vintage styles heavily influenced this year’s fall fashion, snappy dressers will be pleased to learn that Aline has them covered. You can grab leather jackets, biker boots, and anything vintage from Balenciaga to Celine at her Poshmark closet, @ShoesandtheCity.

Follow Aline Hennessy on Instagram and check out her Poshmark closet, @ShoesandtheCity, to keep up with the newest fashion trends.

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