Alexandro Daniel Lovera Ushers a New Era for the Construction Industry Through the Launch of ManyBuild

No one knows how to up the game better than those who have played and dominated the arena. Alejandro Daniel Lovera, a third-generation builder and real estate developer, managed to survive and thrive in an industry known to be inherently challenging by marrying his expertise and intensive experience into his craft. And it is this awareness of the nitty-gritty of the field that allowed him to come up with solutions designed to bridge its existing gaps and introduce revolutionary innovations geared toward helping professionals and practitioners keep up with the changing times.

Raised by a family of contractors and architects on the island of Aruba, Alejandro Lovera grew up on job sites and was exposed early on to the hustle and bustle of the construction industry. With a mother who is an architect and a father who has done his fair share of hotel remodels and custom homes, it comes as no surprise that the highly accomplished personality would eventually develop an interest and a knack for building things. This interest morphed into a deep-seated passion for the trade over the years, one that would influence his career choices and explain how he ended up choosing to work with private equity real estate developers when he moved to Denver.

Throughout his career, Alejandro Lovera has identified, underwritten, acquired, and remodeled a long list of residential and commercial properties. He has worked as a licensed general contractor and developer for nationwide corporate clients such as Invitation Homes and Zillow. He is also the general partner of his own Private Equity fund that has raised over $8.5MM and over the past year has delivered an average return of 30.92% for his investors.

Armed with this impressive portfolio, Alejandro Lovera stepped up and made the necessary steps toward changing the construction industry. Capitalizing on people’s growing reliance on apps and digital technology, in general, he partnered with Stefan Norton to launch ManyBuild, a fully vertically integrated company with access to its own mobile application. The app, which is heralded as the “Tinder of Construction,” matches users with skilled contractors in their area and eases the process with which dream projects can be translated into reality.

Strategically designed, this brainchild of Alejandro Lovera is his response to the ever-dynamic market. Through ManyBuild, the go-getter hopes to introduce an avenue where tradespeople, general contractors and real estate investors can come together to build the places we work and leisure. Currently, it boasts a number of features, including matching and chatting. “Once matched, contractors can start a conversation, schedule a site, submit an estimate, sign contracts, and start processing payments all within the same chat,” explained Alejandro. “Conversations can also be translated from English to Spanish, depending on each user’s language settings.”

Now available on the App Store and Play Store, ManyBuild is the first of a series of bold moves that can be expected from Alejandro Lovera. Learn more about him by visiting his website.

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