Alexandre Nour Desjardins: Drawing Cinematic Inspiration from a Dynamic Life


Image credit: Alexandre Nour Desjardins

Cinematographers are the artistic heroes behind the silver screen, never seen but always present. They wield the camera like a brush on canvas, helping the film crew create vivid images that bring life to cinematic narratives. It’s an indispensable role, a key component of the visual language of filmmaking that brings so much emotion and depth of story to so many all over the world.

One of these talented cinematographers, Alexandre Nour Desjardins, is on the rise. With an innate passion for storytelling and a passionate dedication to the craft of filmmaking, Alexandre has already done so much work to bring stories to life through the medium of the camera.

Inspiration from Real-World Stories

Alexandre spent his formative years “between the skatepark and the family restaurant, immersed in a multitude of cultures.” What he saw on the street, in the kitchen, and among the restaurant-goers were all kinds of people, all kinds of lives, coming and going, colliding and moving apart. He found in himself not just a desire but an artistic need to share what he’d experienced and seen. With the money he’d save up working in the family business, Alexandre bought his own equipment. His first films were made in his community, telling stories about the people around him.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in film production with honors at Concordia University in Montreal, Alexandre co-founded Telescope Films. This early, self-made project was all about creating films with his one-time classmates, now turned artistic collaborators. Already, Alexandre was creating opportunities and enabling artistic projects.

Breaking into Commercial Success

Transitioning into commercial cinematography, Alexandre found his calling. Drawing inspiration from cinematic maestros like Robert Zemeckis, Robby Mueller, and Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Alexandre’s work spans various projects, from art films to commercial ventures, each imbued with a distinct perspective and a commitment to pushing creative boundaries.

One of Alexandre’s defining moments came with the recognition of his Oscar-nominated live-action short, INVINCIBLE. The heart-wrenching film is about the tragedy of a youth struggling with mental health. The film is, in many ways, a product of Alexandre’s artistic journey. A major artistic focus, born of his personal story and challenges, is Alexandre’s grasp of identity and how it is shaped by the cultural baggage one carries with one.

Through collaboration with many different artists and creatives, Alexandre has found many answers and many more questions. He’s also learned important lessons he carries with him: the importance of listening, humility, and organization. These principles guide Alexandre’s creative process, fostering collaboration and innovation in his work.

Creating a Future Through Art

The future of the art of filmmaking is impossible to predict, being invented over and over with a constant influx of new visionaries. It’s hard not to wonder what lies ahead for today’s batch of up-and-coming cinematographers. The possibilities are as endless as the stories waiting to be told. Deftly wielding each frame, a cinematographer like Alexandre Nour Desjardins has the power to shape cinema’s future and inspire audiences worldwide. Just like any artist working in filmmaking, the best way to help them achieve their potential is to simply let them create and see what they can do.

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