Alexandra Ibrahim wins hearts with her compelling content as an ace digital creator.

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As a social media influencer, she has aced the game in beauty, fashion, skincare, and lifestyle niches and has achieved massively in them.

It is incredible to know and learn about all those people and professionals who cross boundaries in their quest to reach the top of their respective industries. It is necessary to throw more light on such passionate professionals working across different sectors around the world for people to know their journeys and the choices they made to achieve their definition of success. We came to learn about one such incredible woman with outstanding talents and skills in the digital realm; she is Alexandra Ibrahim Moukalled, a one-of-a-kind digital creator who has been carving a unique niche for herself across varied niches.

Alexandra Ibrahim stands as a stunning beauty, who is not just known for her charming personality as a creator, but, most importantly, for her astute skills and creativity in creating compelling content in niches like beauty, fashion, skincare, and lifestyle. She has upped her game in content creation over the years, thriving on her passion for these niches and her aim to reach as many people as possible across the world through her valuable content that has the power to impact people incredibly.

She is a growing content creator, originally from Beirut, who has now made Dubai her home. Throughout her journey so far, Alexandra Ibrahim has collaborated with several national and international brands like Les Benjamins, Honor Arabia, Pretty Little Thing, Foreo, Jw Pie, Noon, The Giving Movement, JIJIL Collection, Charlotte Tilbury, and L’Oreal. She even did collabs with different well-known agencies, top hotels, and A-list restaurants, and other brands like Sundays The Label in the clothing niche and Maybelline and Benefit in the beauty niche in Lebanon, travelling extensively for these projects.

After achieving a colossal number of followers and fans on her socials, Alexandra Ibrahim is now working around her goal to become a business owner and hopes to soon open a beauty lounge in Dubai.

Do follow her on Instagram @alexsaibrahim to know more.

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