Alexander Smith on How He Built Spartan Solar into a Top-Level Solar Provider in Less Than a Year

Becoming one of the top businesses in one’s field nationally or even regionally is an impressive feat- But to do it in less than a year seems like a far-fetched goal. However, it is not impossible, and Alexander Smith proved that with the rise of Spartan Solar, now one of the country’s biggest solar power system providers after less than a year of operations. 

Alexander Herschel Smith isn’t your average business owner; Not only is he younger than most players in his industry, he’s also driven differently. He has a relentless desire to watch things grow, and Spartan Solar is a reflection of this, as the company has hit record sales within a year of operation. 

Getting to where he is today wasn’t easy for Smith. He started in the solar industry back in 2016 working for Sungrade Solar as a sales representative. He worked hard to improve his sales acumen and develop a regimen that would get him promoted to regional sales manager within his first year. 

Later, Smith would move to Kota Energy Group, a place in which he thrived immensely. Eventually, he would leave the company and build his own business, Spartan Solar. When Smith started back in March 2021, all he had was a small team, a living room to operate out of, and an intense drive to succeed. He ran meetings from his own home for three months, making things work despite the limits to resources and workforce. By June, he opened the first Spartan Solar office in Florida after seeing some of the most spectacular growth despite the economic effects of a global pandemic. 

At that point, Smith started to feel the pressure. “I felt the pressure with an expensive lease and new hungry sales reps. I felt the immense weight of responsibility for everyone’s success that trusted me enough to join Spartan Solar while we were still brand new,” Smith describes. “I decided to stop drinking or going out to party. That decision was a game-changer for me both professionally and personally.”

In the next five months, Spartan Solar started to feel the pay off; It closed over $17.5 million worth of sales in that period and added 36 new sales reps to the team. 

Today, Spartan Solar is set to sell over $60 million with a team that thrives in competition. The solar industry has been a highly competitive market as of late as more Americans look to switch to clean energy solutions. This innovation doesn’t just provide a way to help the planet, but also helps homeowners save significant dollars in the long term. Most people can now afford solar panel systems on a medium-range loan, with significant tax credits to help offset the cost.

Alexander Smith has seen this growth in demand for solar energy as an opportunity, but so have dozens of other entrepreneurs on the East Coast alone. Still, Smith finds ways to remain a competitive entrepreneur in this market and keep his sales representatives hungry and motivated to continually improve themselves and grow the company. Smith aims to turn Spartan Solar into a global leader in the clean and renewable energy market. With his momentum, it doesn’t seem far-fetched at all.

To learn more about Spartan Solar and Alexander Smith, visit their website and Facebook page.

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