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As a child, Alexander Mendeluk always felt that he would one day change the world. Growing up around the film and entertainment industry, with a father who was a TV and film director, it seemed inevitable that he would venture into the arts himself, yet he would have never imagined his life would have taken the turn it did.

After attending film school in Portland, Oregon in 2008, the budding actor went on to book roles in some memorable films and shows. This included a cameo in Twilight, the vampire franchise, where he had the honor of being kneed in the groin by Kristen Stewart, right before Robert Pattinson came up and saved the day!

“‘That was it’, I thought, ‘I’m going back to LA and I’m going to be a star!’” Alexander jokes.

The acting bug definitely bit, but soon afterward, Alexander had a spiritual awakening after going to Burning Man, the iconic and radical festival of self-expression hosted in Nevada’s Black Rock desert.

The festival had inspired a new business idea, one that became a global sensation and at the age of 24, Alexander had started his first company, SpiritHoods. “SpiritHoods was inspired by my subconscious desire for community, for connection, in a barren society that had fostered separation, individualism, and loneliness” Alexander goes on to say. “We created faux fur animal inspired clothing that gave back to helping the environment and endangered animals. It was about self-expression and giving back”

He created the brand with virtually no entrepreneurial experience and was featured on the hit ABC show Shark Tank. His product was worn by celebs ranging from Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and even Snoop Dogg – but that wasn’t enough.

After close to 7 years of working in the rag trade, Alexander realized he was trying to create a bigger vision. “I was trying to fulfill that childhood desire to change the world through my business, and realized that in order to do that, I needed to let my business go, and change myself,” says Alexander,

It was from this understanding that Alexander set course to new lands to realize his true passion: The inner realization of Truth.

“I found it impossible to accept the lie that we are limited beings designed by nature to be sick our whole lives, and that we must seek happiness and “truth” outside of ourselves. I realized early on that this was all a facade, that there is so much more Truth to our own experience,” says Alexander.

“When I look back on my life I realized I had always been on this path of healing, of mind, body Spirit development. I was studying my whole life in the martial arts and healing arts. I was learning from amazing mentors, healers, shamans, teachers, as I developed, from quantum healing hypnosis technique, remote viewing, remote healing, energy work, plant medicine, spirit guide work, and more.

As I dove deeper into these different modalities, like any artist, I started absorbing what was the most effective and making it my own. I began to realize the power of ‘Art’ in healing the ‘heArt’. Why is it that you can listen to a certain song, maybe it’s your favorite song and it just makes you cry? Or makes you feel happy? It’s the frequency, right? Its frequency activates emotion in you on a subconscious level. It’s not speaking to your conscious mind, good music is speaking to your subconscious. It’s speaking to your heart and the subconscious and the heart is where true, lasting healing exists.”

Now Alexander is building a new company that does just that— helps people heal from all things. “The LightForce Center ™” marks the crux of a journey he has been on his whole life, and his students are reporting some impressive results; from the healings of breast, kidney, thyroid, and ovary tumors, to asthma, eczema, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, fear, addiction, anger, deviated spinal disks, autoimmune diseases and more.

Everything Alexander is doing is in acknowledgment that the world needs healing now more than ever.

“What the world needs now are conscious solutions, and we can’t create conscious solutions from an unconscious state. So the most important thing we can do is raise our own consciousness and the pre-requisite to that is healing” Alexander says.

And according to Alexander, the art of healing is one of the most powerful forms of self-expression.

“Now, there is a lot of bs out there in this space, just like there is a lot of bad art, but True healers are combining all types of beautiful modalities. These range from spiritual art forms, physical art forms, creative art forms of music, spoken word, singing, botany, energy work, meditation, fashion, jewelry, interior design, architecture, video, photography, writing, psychology, even quantum physics. All of this combined together to create powerful experiences designed to help you, the individual enter into alternate states of consciousness and heal on a subconscious level.

This is why I feel that the healing arts are the most powerful forms of artistic expression, because they can encompass all, and each healer or artist is unique and different. ” Alexander states.

He sees a common thread amongst all creators.

“A true artist helps us achieve a deeper state of consciousness, a greater understanding of ourselves and the world around us. That is what healing is all about. And in doing so, the Artist heals apart of themselves.”

Alexander runs The LightForce Center with his wife, Shayoon. Together, they help people dissolve fear, trauma, pain, and negative programming so that the body can self-correct and heal itself, and often times quickly. Alexander’s students are reporting full healings of trauma, physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments within 7 weeks or less. He calls his new healing modality: “LightForce Healing™”.

Alexander states that; “this is why I believe art exists. To help humanity heal and evolve. Healing is my art form. I’m here to activate your heArt, speak to your Soul, and tap the limitless potential of your subconscious, so you can remember who you truly are, awaken, and heal.”

You can find Alexander on Instagram and join his free healing and transformational program there as well.


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