Alex Peykoff Shares Secret to Success and Happiness Through Upcoming Venture the Satisfied Life Mastermind & Movement

Society has placed a lot of emphasis on achieving financial prosperity that so many people have devoted all of their lives to their careers. However, becoming successful and attaining economic success is only one facet of having a happy and fulfilled life; this is something that Alex Peykoff knows firsthand. Given this, Alex has decided to generously share his wisdom with others through his latest entrepreneurial venture, The Satisfied Life Mastermind & Movement.

Peykoff is an accomplished entrepreneur and esteemed real estate developer who has developed over 250 million dollars in residential homes. He learned the value of a strong work ethic early in life from his father, the founder of the mega successful company Niagara Water and Bottling, the world’s largest privately owned beverage company. This gave him an edge that helped him thrive in the entrepreneurial scene.

At the same time, Alex Peykoff knew that having great success in his profession is not enough to lead a happy life. Guided by this realization, he has made a commitment to nurturing his career and happiness at the same time. The fantastic strategy worked excellently, inspiring him to influence others about the importance of pursuing happiness.

To motivate and educate others, he talks about his experiences and expertise as a mega successful entrepreneur and speaker. He authored the Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling book titled Get Your Satisfaction: A Short Guide to a Happier, More Satisfied Life. Through the book, the insightful individual shares the systematic process that has helped him and his family achieve mega success while living an authentically happy and deeply satisfying life.

What drives him is his daughter and all of the young, hopeful entrepreneurs of America. They  are his sources of inspiration and life purpose. As such, he has founded the Satisfied Life Mastermind & Movement with a mission to share the proven processes in which he accomplished unrivaled success over the past several decades.

Teaming up with vetted marketing expert and the CEO of Game Changer Publishing, Cris Cawley, they have created a mastermind to guide entrepreneurs who want to level up in their lives and scale their businesses to the next level. With this new venture, they intend to provide a platform for entrepreneurs eager to invest in themselves and network with distinguished 8-figure entrepreneurs who are looking to level up and scale to the next level in their businesses, while also achieving authentic happiness and deep satisfaction in their lives.

As the duo profoundly explained, “Our company is putting entrepreneurs in close proximity to  and eight and nine figure business owners who are practicing what they preach and who are balancing life and work and living authentically happy lives while running  eight and nine figure companies”

Alex Peykoff’s incredible and refreshing perspective is certainly much-needed in a society that has glorified the hustle. He is a testament that achieving exceptional success and lasting happiness is attainable.

Moving forward, he plans to scale The Satisfied Life Mastermind & Movement across the globe as he fulfills his goal of helping as many entrepreneurs as possible achieve the highest levels of success while living their best lives.

LA Weekly