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Standing out in today’s social media world is no mean feat. The sheer amount of content that you’re competing against is hard to fathom and it’s constantly changing. What worked yesterday doesn’t work today and the speed of change can leave you chasing shadows if you’re not up for it. It takes a unique combination of skill, hard work and talent that very few have the capability of producing. Alex Ketchum is one of those creators who has staked his claim in the world of social media.

Alex Ketchum is a content creator and actor born and raised in Toronto, Canada. His early roots are in filmmaking and he began his journey as a content creator at the age of 13 when he started shooting short home videos on his old school flip-phone. Creating a wide array of home-made videos that were the foundations for what was to come. He didn’t know it at the time, but he was in fact honing his filmmaking, acting, and storytelling – the skills that would later prove incredibly valuable. You might even say that those grainy flip-phone videos set the stage for Ketchum’s career as a millennial creator.

As he grew older, he started to take things more seriously and went to study Film Production at York University. During his studies, Ketchum produced and directed some award-winning films and series, most notably the Vimeo short series entitled ‘Tinder the Web Series’ which chronicles the good, bad and the ugly from the infamous dating app. But even with the huge success of his web series, Ketchum realized that he had a burning desire to be in front of the camera. When he looked to the social media comedy scene, he just didn’t see the sort of content that he knew he was capable of. There was a gap that he could pursue. Throwing caution to the wind, he took his ideas to YouTube – and kickstarted what would become a very successful career.

In the years since, he has consistently delivered viral videos that capture the attention of the internet. The most successful one was a video entitled ‘Fixing my wall with ramen noodles’ where he took a vibrant social trend, very much in the zeitgeist, and applied his brand of comedy to take it to another level altogether. The video was so popular that it got picked up by VT and LadBible and has now been viewed millions of times across the web. Another viral hit was a hilarious review of the worst-rated motel in his hometown Toronto – which also got picked up by a number of media outlets. These are just two examples of many that demonstrate his ability to assess the cultural touch-points and deliver content that challenges boundaries, surprising his audience time after time.

Most recently, he has taken his short-form content creation to Instagram as well. Ketchum has been very focused on leveraging his early success into growing audiences across all the various social media platforms as he continues to expand his creative online brand, while staying true to the voice he carved out for himself online. Very rapidly, it’s become an entrepreneurial business path that he is growing, nurturing and turning into something very significant. Though, he hasn’t forgotten what got him here. Refreshingly, as he has become popular, he has been very aware of the perils of mass attention and he has strived in every way to remain authentic and raw. Ketchum’s attitude combined with his media savvy sets him up very nicely for a long and successful career.

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