Aleks Supernova and his blonde gypsy

Aleks Novakovic, Paris Hilton’s ex boyfriend has found ‘the one’. A rumour that spread like wildfire suggests that Aleks is engaged to his ‘blonde gypsy’, the women who grabbed his attention the minute he walked into club E11even with his friends. Aleks apparently pointed to her and told his inner circle that she’s going to be his wife.

“It took a while for Aleks to get her attention, Aleks requested that the club owner, security and waitresses invite her to his table where they barely even spoke.” After hours and hours at his table „gipsy“ always tried to leave the table but somehow he always made her come back, without even talking to her. „It was kinda really funny“. A source commented.

“It took 3 or 4 days of Aleks making an appearance to club E11even that eventually got her to meet him outside of the club”

“There was a deep connection between the two from the start, they could almost just read each other’s thoughts, likes and dislikes. The perfect match. They connected on another level.”

Sources also say that Aleks moved in with her from day one, her family, who is not used to „things like that“ got disappointed at the beginning but the way they feel, connect and take care of each other proved also them, that it was the right decision they made.

“It’s like a fairytale story, Aleks took the blonde gypsy girl from Hungary out there and she took the risk to trust him, completely out of nowhere.

The couple have have been spotted dining out in the city on numerous occasions but there’s been no official word from Aleks Supernova as yet. But as we know, pictures and instagram stores are saying more than a thousand words.

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