AKITA INU is Ready for Lift Off

In 2013, the first meme coin was introduced in the digital currency market. Soon it became a market disruptor developing a huge community of holders or crypto enthusiasts. Thousands of meme coins have entered the market to replicate a similar growth but only a few have succeeded. AKITA INU, a comparatively new entry in the meme coin space deserves a mention in this list. Launched on February 1, 2021, this promising cryptocurrency project has already reached a market capitalization of more than $3.5B USD. AKITA INU has also set a clear roadmap to success for the next 5 years by streaming a continuous flow of millions in funding to boost its growth.

AKITA INU is a completely community-based cryptocurrency project that aims to offer utility to users. Just like the first successful Dogecoin in the crypto space, AKITA is based on a Japanese dog breed that is very popular worldwide. This naturally made marketing easier for the project as it started reaching the masses quite early. AKITA INU has amassed an active community of more than 60K holders on Etherscan from different corners of the world. Built on the Ethereum network, AKITA INU is currently available in over 18 exchanges in various digital markets.

The goal of AKITA INU as a crypto project is to explore the opportunities of the Web3 ecosystem to provide financial literacy and professional growth. The team working behind AKITA INU is focused on scaling the project as an accessible investment engine in the digital currency market and is set to launch AKITA DAO on Avalanche with a backed treasury and sustainable APYs to fast-track the growth of this project in the coming years.

Currently, AKITA has a total supply of 100 trillion tokens which is 3x smaller than other popular Dogecoins. This success was not easy as crypto is a highly competitive space. Some rival crypto coins tried to withhold AKITA INU’s rising market cap but failed because of AKITA INU’s solid community and strategic growth planning. The team behind the project negotiated valuable partnerships with other competitors that eventually created a continuous flow of millions in funds which will be streaming into the year 2027.

AKITA INU is a non-anonymous, open-source, public project that the developers believe crypto is a great equalizer. The biggest strength of this project is its authentic and ever-growing community. Now AKITA is on track to explore the opportunities that Web3 innovation will introduce to the digital market, further escalating its growth. AKITA isn’t just a Dogecoin, it will drive returns for the holders.

The goal of AKITA INU as a crypto project is to build an ecosystem of thriving products around its token. These products are created by AKITA core developers and those developers who are selected to participate in AKITA university (a launchpad within the AKITA world). This is an ambitious plan with the potential to explosively increase the value of the AKITA token.The team behind AKITA INU is focused on building new functionality and partnerships, in tandem with setting up an organization where investors have a say in every key decision.

As a community-based project, AKITA is now looking for partnerships to expand. It is currently working with its partners to send humanitarian aid to Kenya and Ukraine and also working with big gaming studios to expand into gamefi. The next big goal for this crypto coin is to be listed on Major CEXs. The team behind AKITA believes that meme coins have a long way to evolve in the new iteration of the internet. With a continuous stream of funds, AKITA INU is likely to be unstoppable in the world of Dogecoins in the near future.

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