AK Debris Drops the Crypto Inspired Single, “Blockchain DNS”

Always leading the industry with the trends, AK Debris releases his latest single, “Blockchain DNS” incorporating gaming and cyber space vibes.

The Arabian Canadian rhymer AK Debris hasn’t eased up the pressure on the rap game since he began dropping bangers. What’s even more admirable is his rise to that status from his homeland of struggle and strife before making his way to Canada’s domain. AK Debris brought something more with his music. His songs had a way of adding hints of comedy within his rhyme schemes and lazy wavy flow. In no time AK Debris was embraced in his city and his name began spreading as one of the earlier rappers making scammer rap.

Over time, fans had a playlist of heat from the rapper to vibe and turn up to. AK Debris’ place in the industry was irreplaceable. His humorous bars, distinct delivery and fresh sound was unique to his style and audiences appreciated every release. Tracks like “Anonymous” and “Astroworld” have been receiving non-stop traction, but AK Debris never disappoints his fans with new heat. He released his latest single, “Blockchain DNS” along with visuals that highlight the dope concept and cadence of the track. The song revolves around the cyber theme with gaming undertones as AK Debris raps about crypto and hacking while flashing the Bitcoin tatted between his eyes. No matter how great his last offering was, AK Debris somehow finds a way to create something captivating and attention grabbing. Making it look effortless as he raps, the video transitions between his Balenciaga drip, computer expertise, and playing the classic video game, Mario.

If you’re not yet caught onto AK Debris, you’re missing out on quality content. Tap in to the music video for his latest single, “Blockchain DNS.”

“Blockchain DNS”: https://youtu.be/TxMy_GEUmaI

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