AirSculpt® Away Stubborn Fat in Time For the New Year

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As the New Year fast approaches, many of us begin thinking about resolutions to help get us one step closer to our ideal selves. From new and improved diets to better sleep schedules to routine exercise, we start with the best intentions but can sometimes still come up short.

Recently, a trend toward accepting cosmetic procedures to achieve one’s body goals has emerged, including a trend toward less invasive alternatives to liposuction.

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One noteworthy treatment capitalizing upon these trends is AirSculpt®, which allows patients to achieve dramatic changes without lengthy downtime or telltale signs of surgery. Despite popular opinion surrounding plastic surgery becoming more progressive, patients still principally prioritize natural results, reduced side effects, and a quicker recovery, elements the patented technology is uniquely equipped to offer.

AirSculpt® permanently removes stubborn fat in a minimally invasive, luxury spa-like setting with patients wide awake, a critical detail that reduces risks by avoiding general anesthesia. Using the AirSculpt® device, surgeons remove and even transfer fat cell-by-cell through tiny, two-millimeter-wide entry points. Not only is downtime minimized thanks to this innovative technique, but results are far more precise than manual alternatives like traditional liposuction.

AirSculpt® can target stubborn fat deposits on practically any body part, from the chin and neck region down to the ankles, with a treatment they call the CankCüre™. They also offer fat transfer options to the breasts, buttocks, hips, and hands, providing patients with a more natural alternative to implants or synthetic fillers.

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Most recently, AirSculpt® has expanded its offerings by introducing two unique treatments: AirSculpt® Smooth and AirSculpt® +. The former provides a comprehensive transformation by applying a proprietary cold plasma underneath the skin to tighten any treated area to its newly slimmed shape. Meanwhile, the latter uses a fine tool to instantly remove cellulite dimples by delicately hooking and releasing the bands that cause cellulite dimples in real-time. These procedures are performed through the same AirSculpt® entry points, which ultimately heal to look like tiny freckles and require only 24 to 48 hours of downtime!

“For over a decade, many clients have come to us wanting a solution for bothersome cellulite, and we’ve been focused on evaluating the latest technology to identify a safe and effective solution, which we’ve found in Revelle Aesthetics’ Aveli™ device,” said Dr. Aaron Rollins, founder and CEO of AirSculpt® Technologies. “AirSculpt® Smooth gives our clients the answer they’ve been seeking with complete removal of cellulite dimples and nearly immediate results that improve weekly over three months working in synergy with AirSculpt®’s fat removal technology.”

AirSculpt Smooth

Thanks to the increasing popularity of and latest treatment options from AirSculpt®, the company has grown considerably. Its newest office in Philadelphia and first international office in Toronto bring the current total to 22.

With the New Year right around the corner, many of us are looking to self-improve by setting lofty, hard-to-attain resolution goals. From revamping one’s post-pregnancy body to fine-tuning a small area of diet-resistant fat to removing cellulite dimples with ease, AirSculpt® offers a full suite of treatments designed to instill patients with newfound motivation to keep getting better.

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