AIKON and Open Rights Exchange Executive Marc Blinder Presents a Simple Solution to Make Blockchains More Accessible

With the world turning over a new leaf and entering a digital era, many platforms have been developed to continue the innovation of the digital landscape. Among the most prominent platforms today are blockchains, a system of recording information that acts as a digital ledger of transactions. Although it provides various services, blockchains are especially popular in the crypto scene. Marc Blinder is an entrepreneur whose expertise has led him to co-found AIKON, which provides intuitive blockchain business solutions built on the Open Rights Exchange (ORE) Network ($ORE).

Marc Blinder is one of the integral minds that helped establish AIKON. His entrepreneurial background can be traced to when he was 28 years old. Back then, he developed a social network called Mobileplay, laying the foundations for his future endeavors. The company amassed moderate success, and Blinder sold Mobileplay to Good Technology.

After selling his company, Blinder turned his attention to Content Optional, becoming the Creative Director. The company would later be sold to Efficient Frontier for $50 million. Although it was sold, Marc Blinder’s track record allowed him to retain a position at Efficient Frontier. With the new company, he set up the social business across EMEA. Eventually, Adobe would acquire Efficient Frontier for $400 million.

With a colorful resume, it was only a matter of time before Marc Blinder would use his experience and expertise to pursue a new concept. He would join a team to build AIKON, a digital platform that allows users to take advantage of blockchain technology without leaving the app. Currently, AIKON is the launch partner for the Open Rights Exchange Network, which acts as the bridge to mass blockchain adoption.

For many, utilizing blockchain technology is an arduous task, especially with hundreds, if not thousands, of different chains in operation. Each chain serves its own purpose, requiring a unique key pair. Despite the complexity of blockchains, it also provides a lucrative opportunity for many. With the power of blockchain, a whole new world of opportunities is presented. However, the team behind ORE believes that it can only be seized if it’s simplified for everyone, everywhere.

AIKON makes operations more accessible for businesses to launch products on public blockchains and is best known for its identity service, ORE ID. ORE ID is a single sign-on platform that works cross-chain seamlessly. The service lets non-technical people utilize blockchain apps using Web 2.0 identity and the ORE Vault. This enterprise-grade multi-signature crypto wallet allows teams to manage their digital assets and NFTs. In addition, the ORE Vault acts as a platform that helps teams manage token treasuries. 

With the world rapidly approaching the epoch of technology, AIKON and ORE are positioned to lead the technological evolution. The Open Rights Exchange is changing the status quo by removing the exclusivity of blockchain, building a bridge that makes mainstream adoption simple, easy, fast, and cheap for everyone to use blockchain. As a result, Marc Blinder is confident that AIKON and ORE will be one of the top brands in the next couple of years.

You can reach out to Marc Blinder through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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