Aijalon Wallace The Future of Recruitment Discussing The Metaverse & Cryptocurrency

Recruitment is one of the most reliable industries for remote work today. However, the technological climate regarding cryptocurrency and the metaverse will continue to influence the business world. Market changes can feel intimidating upon starting a career in entrepreneurship, but now is the best time for recruiters to adapt to these global economic shifts. With a foundation of knowledge, evolution, and agility, digital currency can become an advantageous asset to your recruiting and staffing business.

As a recruitment coach, entrepreneur, and digital nomad, I understand the complexity of the financial scape today. I help hundreds of students every month scale their staffing and recruiting agency to 6-7 figures using automation and virtual teams. Building the Nomad Recruiters community has connected me with brilliant minds across the globe who all share one commonality: a passion for learning, growing, and becoming financially free.

One of my students, Daniel Parker, is set to make $300,000 this year utilizing the course’s tools. Another student Brittany has $150,000 in the pipeline weeks after starting the course. I’m also one of the number one content creators on YouTube for Recruiting & Staffing tips with over 200,000 views on my channel.

Why should people invest in the Metaverse & Cryptocurrency?

There is apparent longevity in the recruitment space today, but this opens the question of what the future holds for recruiting and staffing.

The metaverse will profoundly impact industries worldwide as the online space grows.  J.P. Morgan wrote that the metaverse “will likely infiltrate every sector in some way in the coming years, with the market opportunity estimated at over $1 trillion in yearly revenues,” referencing prominent corporations already in the space, including Gap, Adidas, Nike, Verizon, and PWC. The global investment bank, Goldman Sachs, stated that the metaverse might represent an $8 trillion potential.

What are the benefits for recruiters taking advantage of the virtual & digital world now?

Big wig talking heads are solidifying the power of the metaverse, web 3, and cryptocurrency for the future, and the recruiting industry is no exception. There are many benefits for recruiters getting paid in cryptocurrency instead of standard direct deposit lump sums. With crypto, you are more in control of your funds. The worst thing for economic growth is leaving your money sitting in the bank. If utilized correctly, the metaverse should be opening doorways for you, not closing them. There are many benefits to getting paid in cryptocurrencies like decentralized finance, exchange rates, speed, efficiency, and new clients.

For example, one of the first physical purchases made with Bitcoin was two large pizzas from Papa John. A young college student exchanged 10,000 Bitcoin, worth 41 dollars at the time, for his pizza dinner. Today that money would have been worth over $365M if he had kept his share. This is just one example of the immense growth potential of cryptocurrency. As crypto popularizes, more clients will be trading funds through the metaverse. To be well prepared for the shift, it’s crucial to adapt to these changes. This places you in an informed position for your future recruiting career. You can also read more about recruiting in my free e-book.

Do you have recommendations for people looking to get started in cryptocurrency?

The onset of the metaverse will also influence the recruiting jobs that will be available in the future. More industries will be recruiting within the metaverse and focusing on new niche industries as opportunities arise. Recruiting niches like transportation, manufacturing, accounting, and more will begin to fizzle out. If you are concerned about the growth of your business focus, consider transitioning into the metaverse. There will always be money in recruiting, but that doesn’t mean the career climate won’t see rapid shifts.

If you are interested in getting started in crypto, my top profitable recommendations are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solona, Polygon, Cardano, and XRP. These are popular in the recruiting industry for receiving payments, and reliable options for beginners. There are many ways to store cryptocurrency safely, including hot and cold crypto wallets. Hot wallets are when you reserve your crypto online, making it easy for the holder to access their money. This is similar to a checking account. Cold wallets are stored on external hard drives and behave like a secured savings account.

In the future, everyone will be using a digital currency of some type. Now is the best time to get educated on the metaverse for recruiters looking to stay agile. Making the transition now will make for an easier, more profitable career shift. If you haven’t started your recruiting and staffing business, check out my resources at Nomad Recruiters. I can teach you how to start your agency in an Internet-driven space. Recruiters will continue to bring in high business profits, but utilizing the power of the metaverse is essential. Instead of letting industry changes intimidate you, stay ahead of the curve to increase your revenue today.

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