AI: Writerly, CEO Jon Ricketts Harness Power of GPT to Revolutionize Content Creation, Digital Marketing

Jon Ricketts is a problem-solver who enjoys building strong teams that deliver impactful solutions.

“I enjoy challenges and identifying creative ways to solve them,” he said. “I’ve always been drawn to tip-of-the-spear technologies and building companies and products that address large market opportunities and needs.”

Jon’s latest endeavor for taking on challenges and delivering solutions is  Nashville-based Writerly, a GPT-enabled AI software as a service platform that delivers hyper-relevant and SEO-optimized marketing and creative content to users in seconds.

Writerly is enterprise-grade, generative AI; offers customizable templates; and more than 50 writing skills in more than 25 languages. With its truly global reach, Writerly plays across both B2B and B2C markets and offers flexible usage-based pricing models.

As CEO and Co-Founder of Writerly, Jon has established a firm foothold in an emerging field that is generating a sea change in the world of tech and startups, while pushing AI content creation and research far beyond the digital age benchmarks of Google, Siri and Alexa.

“Content marketing in the digital era is difficult for individuals, teams, and businesses to consistently execute,” Jon said.

“To compete, messaging and technology must be in alignment. Writerly allows businesses both small and large to generate content and deploy it across multiple channels—in seconds. We bring AI to the fingertips of creators to allow them to work at a greater scale.”

GPT—many are familiar with the AI platform chatGPT—is an AI language model that taps a type of neural network called a transformer, to generate text written in the human voice. The translation of languages, answering of questions and summary of text are just a few of the language processing tasks for which GPT can be fine-tuned. GPT is powered by large bodies of data, and this rapidly-expanding technology is positioned to dramatically alter life as we know it, far beyond the tech and content creation sectors.

“Generative AI is rapidly growing in terms of commercial use cases,” Jon said. “Earlier companies in our space really demonstrated product market fit and seemingly, on a weekly basis, there is new innovation around what we all, as creators in some form or fashion, can leverage with AI.”

As he harnesses the momentum of GPT, Jon’s goals for the conclusion of Writerly’s first full year at the end of 2023 include an expanded team; over one million users on platform; and a subscribed Seed round “to accelerate an exciting product roadmap.”

“We should continue to build on our global momentum and separate ourselves as a leader in the generative AI space,” said Jon, who holds a bachelor’s degree, MBA, and JD; and is a co-founder and board member of Finpace (formerly Bitsy Advisor). “If we achieve this, then we have managed our capital, product and growth in a highly effective manner.”

Key components of the platform include:

  • Best-in-Class Google chrome extension.
  • Dual Wield Mode for power users that can overlay templates.
  • Pricing that affords all features at each tier—“We don’t hide features to encourage users to pay more.”
  • Chatterly—Writerly’s chatGPT-like product.

And now, for a Writerly AI demonstration, beginning with this question:

How does AI content generation help solve business problems?

And continuing with these Writerly-generated answers:

There are many ways in which AI content generation can help solve business problems. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Improvement in website ranking due to increased traffic from higher quality content.
  • Reduction in labor costs as machines can generate large volumes of content quickly and effectively.
  • Increased brand awareness due to more effective distribution of branded content.
  • Improved customer engagement due to creation of relevant and timely content.

“We are building Writerly as a tool for human creators to experience complex, deep-tech AI in a powerful way,” Jon said. “Early on, we defined Writerly internally as Real AI for Real People and that has become embedded in the organizational ethos. We are a technology company focused on building AI tools for creators all over the world in new and meaningful ways. Being headquartered in Nashville—‘Music City’—we are surrounded by real writers and creatives every day and we embrace that as advantageous inspiration.”

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