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If anything defines the age we live in, it is Instagram. The social media platform is the go-to destination for a generation that thinks and lives through the medium of images. Yet Instagram isn’t just a place where we can keep up to date and in touch with friends, our favorite celebrities, or influencers. Nor is it just a place we call upon for our latest dose of entertainment, gaming, humor, or its much-loved memes.

Instagram is a place where we exchange ideas. It is also increasingly becoming a place capable of generating lucrative business opportunities, as ‘InstaSuccess’ story Ahmad Yasirknows all too well.

Like many of his generation, the CEO of the social media marketing company, InstaReach LLC, was instinctively drawn to Instagram for its potential and possibility. And like many of his generation, he had an intuitive knack for what worked and what didn’t. As one of the most followed individuals on Instagram, when Yasir speaks about building a page that attracts millions of followers, people listen. The genius behind ‘@Reactions’ and ‘@Ghetto’ has kindly agreed to share with us his top four tips on how to be a runaway success on Instagram.

Theme Is Everything

There are literally millions of Instagram pages out there, and making yours stand head-and-shoulders above the pack is no easy task. That’s why it’s vital you pick a theme, stick to it, and don’t deviate. Whether your theme is humor, entertainment, lifestyle, modeling, food, or business, own it and excel in what you do. Why be the Jack of all trades when you can be the master of one?

Create Killer Content

It sounds obvious, but you’ll be surprised at the lack of attention many people pay to their content yet still expect to earn a breakaway following on Instagram. Every post should be pleasing and shareable otherwise you’re wasting your time. You need to engage with your audience and provide them with what they want. In other words, it should be all killer and no filler.

Be Consistent

It’s not enough to have killer content; you need to have a consistent posting schedule to grow your audience. No good comes of posting content in dribs and drabs. You need to treat it like a no-holds-barred marketing campaign. The market is there; your job is to simply saturate it.

Be a Hashtag Hero

Hashtags are everything on Instagram, so make sure yours are relevant and trending in terms of your target audience. Don’t spread yourself too thin, but use as many hashtags as possible in each post if you want to gain maximum exposure.

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