AET REMOULD raises the bar in the premium watch industry with “Audemars Piguet Grid Game.”

Pic for LA Weekly

AET REMOULD is one of the rising most premium watch-remaking brands, known for high-end timepieces and unique craftsmanship.

It is indeed surreal to see the constant developments of a few industries around the world that have turned heads and how. It is thus essential to put more light on the journeys and successes of the many brands and businesses that flourish their industries to exponential levels of growth and bring massive glory. Who could deny how the high-end watch industry has shown massive growth over the years from across different parts of the world? This has led to the increase of watch remaking companies and brands as well, and this is when AET REMOULD enters the picture to raise the bar for the whole of the premium watch industry with its latest Audemars Piguet Grid Game. The company is gradually making its way to the top to recreate the magic of these exclusive pieces and give customers an experience to cherish for a lifetime.

With the release of Audemars Piguet Grid Game AET REMOULD has been garnering all the right buzz right now for all the right reasons. Hence, it is essential to put more light on the much-talked-about product, what it is and how the design concept has turned the heads of premium watch lovers. The sapphire material Royal Oak Offshore model has a watch diameter of 44 mm and a Fluororubber watchband. The sapphire Grid Game is priced at $128,000 and comes with a limited edition of 10 magnificent pieces. AET REMOULD, as a team of passionate watch craftsmen and lovers, launched a new brand collection called the Artist Collection based on the Royal Oak Offshore model, highly inspired by the colorful grid.

Though it looks bright as a green-colored premium watch, the dial gives customers an altogether unique look with a colorful grid decoration, which effortlessly depicts an energetic scene, ultimately making for a very youthful visual experience, something watch lovers have sought for quite some time now. What has attracted more attention to the product is how the design concept stands distinctive from other high-end timepieces in the industry. The new dial’s colorful grid is arranged irregularly from the center to the dial and the edge of the time scale circle, which goes ahead in matching with the blue and green gradient. The subdials are blue, red, and green in color, looking like buttons of the game controller, giving users a feel of gaming as well.

The bezel and case of the timepiece are sapphire, which gives an immaculate look and also offers a light green water-resistant rubber ring a vibrant look, while the central second’s hand is in white and features the logo of AET REMOULD at the end.

Also, the crown combines crystal and metal and showcases the brand’s logo. The back of the solid circle is designed with a gradient echoing the time scale of the dial.

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