Addison Rae and Her 2023 Music Release Plans, Oregon Artist NORD Collaboration

Addison Rae – the renowned TikTok star, Instagram model, and Musician is currently in the process of making new music to expand her discography in 2023. Rae caught the attention of fans and press alike when her Spotify artist bio message changed to “Addison Rae 2023“, leading a wave of understanding that fans interpreted as her signal message to indicate that new releases are coming soon. The singer’s existing discography consists of Pop and Contemporary R&B notes, which have been internationally recognized by her dedicated fan base since March of 2021, when her music career first began being pursued.

Addison Rae didn’t find her music career’s success all alone, however. She reportedly worked with many collaborators throughout the creation process of her discography, including songwriters, producers, and artist designers alike. One of the collaborators responsible for Rae’s rapid rise in the music industry is Carter Davis (professionally known as NORD). This Oregon rapper and artist has been credited as a songwriter on multiple of Rae’s most popular records, including “Obsessed” and “Never Wanna See You Again”. NORD is only 18-years-old and has already built himself a reputation as a  respected Musician in the mainstream music industry, working with many industry titans as well as on his own career specializing in the creation of his own stylistic Hip-Hop and R&B discography.

Since kicking off his music career in August of 2021 with his debut Hip-Hop single “INDUSTRY”, he has gained over six-hundred thousand followers on his Instagram profile and millions of listens across his five currently available songs. Being such a young talent with so many existing opportunities Carter has made happen for himself, there’s no doubt that his progress will only continue to skyrocket in the coming months. With multiple future-to-be Addison Rae songs in the works, there’s a high likelihood that previous and future collaborators, including NORD, will have the opportunity to contribute to future work as well. Fans are certainly on the lookout for new music from Pop music kingpin, with one exclaiming “Addison will save Pop 2023” via Twitter.

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