On this episode of the L.A. Weekly Weekly podcast,  L.A. Weekly publisher Brian Calle and the legendary Adam Carolla sit down to discuss the importance of freedom of speech, imparting sage advice and telling fascinating tales along the way. 

On the heels of his new documentary No Safe Spaces, Adam answers the question we are all dying to know — how did an atheist such as himself come to make a film about the freedom of speech with conservative lightning rod Dennis Prager? 

Cautioning against falling for hype and labeling a person wrong “100 percent of the time,” Adam explains why one should never say “I disagree with everything this person says,” and how people need to learn to listen more. Brian and our guest chat about the rise of the mob mentality and how to have a civil conversation about unity when so many people exist in the extreme.

No Safe Spaces

Listen to better understand how the question “why are you giving this person a platform” is a ridiculous thing to ask in 2019, and how to better encourage productive discourse. 

As the hosts dive into more controversial topics, they each share how being amenable and easygoing about opportunities in the industry has benefited and backfired on them, including how a misunderstanding led to an interesting headline about Brian’s “ties to Russia.”

Having always been a fan of saying what he wants to say, First Amendment rights are a key issue for Adam. He shares how he got his start with being paid to talk, from giving us all sex advice as co-host of L.A.’s beloved Loveline to being the internationally famous talk host and documentary maker he is today. 

This week’s podcast touches on a range of important topics, from parenting advice to how to stop the spread of misinformed fear. For someone who is an Adam Carolla fan, or just wants to get into stand up or podcasting in general, this is the episode for you. Tune in for some enlightened wisdom from an industry veteran. 


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