Actress Samantha Lockwood Discusses A New Age for Women in Cinema

Strong female characters have become more prominent in new age cinema, as the industry continues to promote a better representation of women in film. Women have been portrayed in a variety of roles in recent years, ranging from protagonists to villains, and everything in between. This shift in representation is not only important for giving female characters a voice, but also for empowering women and inspiring their own self-confidence. By seeing strong female characters on the big screen, audiences are able to witness powerful female characters who are self-assured and confident in their own right. This shift in representation is incredibly important for breaking down gender stereotypes and creating a more diverse Hollywood landscape.

Samantha Lockwood, an influential actress, excited about her next passion projects, has voiced her desire to participate in this renaissance of women represented in movies and television. Having starred in action roles in hit shows such as Hawaii 5-0, as well as the 2010 Action/Comedy “Shoot The Hero”, Lockwood is considered a cornerstone in the industry, as a woman who finds joy in playing characters with great depth. She is optimistic and excited about the bright future for women in film and television.

“I am a huge believer in seeing strong, funny, and intelligent women in film and television,” Lockwood explains. “This push for better representation is becoming increasingly relevant in the genres of Comedy, Romance, and Action.” Lockwood goes on to express that for so long, women were written as one-off characters–the pretty face or the “hot body” for the audience to look at. But times are shifting and actresses like Samantha Lockwood are thrilled to have the opportunity to represent go-getter women and to share their stories.

Born and raised in the LA County area of Southern California, Lockwood has been anchored in the Hollywood scene since birth. As the daughter of veteran, sci-fi icon, Gary Lockwood, (best known for his roles as astronaut Frank Poole in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, and in his film debut, Wild in the Country, with Elvis Presley), Samantha spent her early days on sets with her father and grew up being trained by the best acting coaches in LA. The love for this craft was fostered throughout her childhood, and would take her all across the globe. The actress was also noted by venerated film star Gena Rowlands as one of the brightest she’d had the chance to see in action, stating, “Few young actresses have as much elan as Samantha.”

Samantha Lockwood’s most recent work in the upcoming crime/thriller film “God is a Bullet” alongside Jaime Foxx and Game of Thrones actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, is her first step back into the industry after the passing of her mother. This role is exciting, not just as a resurgence onto the set, but also because the film was directed by Gena’s Rowland’s son, Nick Cassavetes. The a feeling of familiarity that came with being on set with close friends like Jonathan Tucker was a really comforting way to get back into the scene,

Lockwood also attributes a portion of her success to her late mother, who’s passing in March 2019 shook the very core of the Los Angeles community, as her influence stretched far. As president of “Palm Springs Women in Film and Television ” Denise Dubarry was also a renowned producer, actress and philanthropist, who’s work more than quadrupled the following of the PSWIFT organization. Lockwood explains how much watching her mother tirelessly strive to create healthy and equal opportunities for women influenced her own dreams. Dubarry even went as far as launching the Broken Glass Awards, which highlighted stories of powerful women who broke through the glass ceiling.

A world-traveler at heart, Samantha Lockwood has been everywhere: from India, to London, and the far corners of Europe/Asia. She recognizes the growth that she has seen in herself as a woman and actress, and has expressed that her best work is on the horizon.

“One of my biggest inspirations throughout my career is Meryl Streep,” she says, while discussing her journey. “We met once and she had some wonderful and wise words for me. She said, ‘Life has a lot of ups and downs, and it is important that we learn to ride in the middle.’ I found this to be one of the phrases that I live and learn by. My journey gives me a depth of understanding and empathy, which I can utilize in my roles. My life experiences only deepens my well and gives me more to draw from when I’m acting.”

Lockwood pursues roles that will allow her to reach into her rich experiences as a woman and an action star, and give life to characters that other intelligent, funny, and independent women can relate to. She has a deep desire to be influential to young ladies all over the world, hoping to inspire and educate them on what real women look like.

“I respect beauty,” she begins, “but there is more to women than their bodies and pretty faces.” There are laundry lists of modern day actresses that Lockwood expresses gratitude and respect for, some of which include Emily Blunt, Jennifer Lawrence, and Jessica Chastain. “These women are incredible, and the characters they play have so much depth and charm to them.”

Even though Lockwood feels that LA and Hawaii, where she resided for years with her late mother, are a home to her, Samantha has found a part-time residence on the East Coast, where she has recently signed with MI Talent in Atlanta, and MAA in New York. This relocation comes at the perfect time, as the industry in Atlanta is bustling with new talent, and it will allow her a chance to spend her father’s retirement with him on the East Coast.

While actively pursuing lateral movement in the world of acting, Lockwood also stretches her entrepreneurial muscle as the founder and owner of Fleurings, a unique, versatile, and wearable Hawaiian vase jewelry line. The successful jewelry business is wildly popular in Hawaii, and allows the wearer to don fresh flowers as jewelry. For styling inspiration, visit the Fleurings instagram page or shop directly on their website.

Her career goals include bringing versatility and high-quality feminine representation to the industry, as well as to potentially shoot a film or show overseas in London. “Ultimately,” Lockwood comments, “I want to put good vibes into the world. My mother was a huge inspiration throughout my whole life, and with her recent passing, I have been really hoping to play a woman like her: someone confident, charming, and inspiring.”

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