Actress Mercedes C. Young Started a Cannabis Company Amid the Pandemic & it’s Pretty Dope.

When the pandemic first hit, a lot of business owners took a big hit on their business or even worse, went out of business indefinitely. For one Los Angeles resident, she created a business that grew massively. Mercedes C. Young is an LA based actress who expanded into a successful cannabis entrepreneur.

Young, who has no limits to her work ethic, has played in movies like SyFy’s “2-Headed Shark Attack,” “Think Like A Man Too,” and NBC’s Original new series “Grand Crew.” Young has a very inspiring story. As a child her father was incarcerated for selling drugs and she now owns her own international cannabis company, Earth’s Dew which has accumulated just under a million dollars in the first year of business. What’s even more impressive is that this business was launched during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I like to describe the pandemic as a beautiful nightmare. God allowed the entire world to sit still. It was as if we were frozen in a moment of time; and in that stillness, is where I found purpose. What the enemy meant for destruction, God took it and allowed me to birth a holistic cannabis company that actually provides refuge for my customers.”

Earth’s Dew isn’t the typical cannabis brand. It’s the home of classy cannabis that encompases not just smokables & edibles but also cannabis infused beauty products. The company has generated an impressive revenue without marketing. Her loyal and fast-growing consumers are a result of grassroots, word of mouth marketing. Though her latest business venture has been a success, it’s been far from easy for her. As a Black woman she’s had the odds against her as Black women only make up less than 4% of business owners in the cannabis industry, despite the fact that most people that carry cannabis convictions are disproportionately African American.

“There wasn’t a blueprint given to me. There wasn’t anyone guiding me throughout this extremely turbulent & volatile process. Being a Black woman in this industry means working 5 times as hard just to reap a fraction of the rewards. Distribution deals aren’t falling into my lap because of nepotism or because I have a network of wealthy friends that I could just make one phone call and secure placement or funding. Every door that has been opened is because I refuse to take ‘no’ for an answer. I refuse to give up and once they experience how amazing my products actually are, they’re the ones that end up waiting for my phone calls.”

Currently, Earth’s Dew is promoting their mind, body and soul collection which include edibles, cannabis flower, and some CBD teas. Mercedes was recently highlighted in Black Enterprise and Sheen Magazine. Her top 3 favorite products from her brand are Ooey Dewy which is a personal lubricant that mimics a woman’s natural secretions, CBD gummies that relieve anxiety and promotes a state of calmness & The Glow Up which helps clear & brighten the skin.


Make sure to check out her website and IG handle below to treat yourself this 4/20.




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