Action RPG “Big Time” is Gearing Up to Be the Next Big Thing


Lately, as the popularity of the metaverse and Web3 are expanding, it seems that every industry is being impacted. This includes the video game industry, many of which now have play and learn options infused with crypto and NFTs. These exciting new developments add another layer of appeal for many gamers, spiking the popularity of various games. Among these games is Big Time, a free action-RPG that is packed with dynamic gameplay.

By playing Big Time, you’re sent into a fast-action adventure through space and time. Players are introduced to both future civilizations and ancient mysteries and battle their way through history. Anyone who’s fascinated by the past and curious about the future will be enthralled by the limitless environments that Big Time offers.

Throughout these environments, players battle against enemies to receive loot, NFTs, and tokens. These can be collected and traded, and then used to decorate your avatar and personal time machine. Whether you’re an NFT fanatic or simply a fan of the game’s promising potential, you’ll be able to enjoy the work that’s gone into the development of Big Time.

The creators behind Big Time share updates and information on their Twitter account, which serves as a valuable resource for players. Some of the tips they’ve shared are about how to regenerate your health and energy or how to change between character classes. The team also regularly hosts AMA (ask me anything) events, hosts panel discussions, and updates about early access. Not only is the game itself outstanding, but the team behind it as well. Their Twitter serves as an invaluable resource for anyone interested in playing Big Time.

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