In an effort to keep a positive vibe flowing throughout our household, we like to talk about things we are thankful for as often as possible. Today, I am thankful for two brands that have made my life abundantly easier: Sweet Nothings and artizn.

To preface, I think I can speak for everyone when I say that this year has made us uncomfortably aware of our health. Yet with compounding stress and difficult emotions, staying committed to wellness seems an impossible task to ask of ourselves. 

Like so many, my husband and I have been eating a less-than-ideal diet since quarantine began so many months ago. What started as a well-natured intention to help local restaurants become a slippery slope into comfort eating and drinking. Initially, we thought quarantine would be temporary and that the dietary slip-up would be the same. But now, it is indefinite, and it’s time to pull the focus from our anxieties and give some much-needed attention to the health of our family. 

With two kids at home and two parents working full-time, effortless is our favorite adjective. In order to achieve the whole-family wellness we would like, we need the route to be as easy as possible. We simply don’t have the energy for much else that what we are already doing to survive the day. In our search for an effortless quarantine detox, we came across two brands that have been easily (and deliciously) integrated into our daily routine, Sweet Nothings and artizn.


Sweet Nothings are frozen, organic spoonable smoothies. Or as my toddler calls them “ice cream!” (They are definitely not ice cream, but the fact that he thinks they are increases their value tenfold). The fact that they are so beloved by kids and easily masked as a dessert is no surprise, given that they are the brainchild of a busy mom in search of convenient snacks that would nourish her family. Sweet Nothings founder, Beth Porter, had trouble finding a product in the supermarket that her family liked that wasn’t filled with added sugar, gums, stabilizers, and artificial ingredients. Homemade smoothies out of fruits, nuts, and seeds became a tasty and healthy staple for her family, but the daily prep, mess, and cleanup was far from convenient. This inspired her to create Sweet Nothings frozen, organic spoonable smoothies.

Sweet Nothings Group Shot

I love them because each cup is made with organic fruits, nuts, and seeds – that’s it. My kids love them because they think they’re eating ice cream for lunch. My husband loves them because they stay good in the freezer for months and don’t take up a lot of space. Our maid – just kidding, me again – loves them because they offer immediate satisfaction and leave behind no mess to clean up. 

Sweet Nothings woman

Don’t get me wrong, while Sweet Nothings is definitely an ideal snack for healthy kids, they’re also a perfect pick-me-up for healthy adults. Given how hot it’s been lately, I love that I can feel like I’m indulging while nourishing my body and staying committed to my wellness plan. 

unnamed 1

Not to be outdone, artizn is a drink we discovered and are now fully obsessed with. There’s something about the taste that leaves you craving it, and I have to stop myself from pounding several a day! 

artizn shoot5

Artizn is a smooth-tasting vegan tonic that is rich in powerful prebiotics, organic acids and antioxidants. Made by pairing aged vinegars from Korea with fruits and botanicals, they offer three unique flavors that are all equally delicious (though I prefer the Plum Yuzu). 

The premium Korean vinegar at the heart of artizn’s tonics comes from a traditional recipe that has been passed down for over 35 generations. The quality you taste is achieved by a natural fermentation process that lasts an astounding three years. Each tonic is made with intention and diligence. As they say, “just like you, this vinegar gets better with time—work that happens from the inside, not the outside.”

unnamed 2

Why is artizn a perfect addition to your family’s quarantine detox? We’ll break it down for you: 

    • Artizn’s vinegar is rich in organic acids, prebiotics and antioxidants, elements that help detoxify your body and support digestion.
    • Prebiotics act as a fertilizer for your gut, feeding the good bacteria in order to create a healthy microbiome.
    • Antioxidants decrease the amount of free radicals in your body, reducing inflammation.
    • Organic Acids support digestion by stimulating the release of pepsin, one of the body’s main digestive enzymes.

Artizn is not only good for you, but good for the Earth as well, using only sustainable glass packaging. 

We’ve found that the tonics are great after a meal to help with digestion, or even in-between meals to curb appetite. And I must say, after a night of drinking, artizn is an absolute lifesaver for recovery. 

If you’re looking for an effortless way to meet your health goals, we can’t recommend Sweet Nothings and artizn enough!


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