According To The Tox, Lymphatic Health Is Incredibly Under Studied In The US

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Our busy lifestyles often keep us from focusing on our health in a way that brings good digestion and feelings of vitality. Realizing the critical role the lymphatic system plays in digestive health, The Tox has set out on a mission to bring solutions that address these overlooked areas of health and wellness. They aim to help people not only look good, but feel good, too.

The Tox started as a concept to bring awareness of the important role the lymphatic system plays in digestive health to LA. By ridding your body of excess water retention and toxins, you enjoy a slimmer look and continuous health benefits. The Tox Technique blends digestive and lymphatic movements to detox your body in a 60 minute session, giving your body a full reset and getting rid of bloating. Because the techniques used at The Tox in LA have been so successful, they have had requests to open locations in hundreds of other cities. Within two years, The Tox has opened seven locations in cities including New York, Miami, and Orange County.

Creating a treatment that people can get excited about has been incredibly rewarding. The Tox brought people a new way to approach health and remained positive, even when they faced judgement from society on what a “traditional” business should look like. They understand that everyone’s journey is unique, and it’s important to keep from comparing yourself to others. “There is no one doing exactly what we do. The Tox Technique is our secret sauce. No one has blended the modalities we have to give not only aesthetic results, but long-lasting health benefits,” says Courtney Yeager of The Tox.

One of The Tox’s biggest challenges came when they had to learn to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. They opened their Miami location a week before the shutdowns and had to come up with new revenue streams to make sure their employees were paid. So, they launched their ever-growing Tox Product line. Now, they offer a full line of home health tools to give you The Tox experience from the comfort of your own home.

Soon, The Tox is opening its next locations in Scottsdale, Dallas, and Las Vegas. “I feel like it is my duty to create a treatment that not only makes you look good but feel good too,” says Courtney Yeager.

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