Abdelrahman Ismeik is the financial wizard that has propelled Marya Group into prominence. Ismeik is the CEO of Marya Group, he has applied his ingenuity, critical thinking, tenacity, and perseverance to become the personification of success. He made a critical decision on behalf of Marya Group when he decided to acquire stakes in a German football team in 2012, Munich 1860. This was the leading factor which helped Marya group build its headquarters outside of Abu Dhabi.

Investing large sums is not for the faint of heart, it requires performing under pressure, as well as key decision-making abilities in various circumstances in order for an investment to come to fruition. Risk is an unavoidable component to investing, the reward that is adherent to such risk must also be ascertained in order to make an educated investment to benefit an individual or their company. Suffice to say, Ismeik’s informed decision to invest in Munich 1860 paid off. Learning the different rules and regulations inherent to German football was a justified risk for Ismeik, as he was able to successfully control the direction and oversee the management of the club, in spite of Germany having substantially different rules than that of other European countries.

Munich 1860 is the only German football team to have a foreign investor, it is also the only team to have a limited number of clubs with other third-party investors. Ismeik perfected his business expertise while overseeing Munich 1860, he attributes a large portion of the success of Marya Group to his role in Munich 1860. He is currently utilizing his sizable gains to position himself as a key cog in fostering positive change for a world that has been detrimentally affected by the pandemic.

Ismeik is now investing into the development of bio-tech companies that target Covid-19 testing with First Capital Group Holding, a company that is regulated by the Dubai International Financial Centre.

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